What is Ghritkumari? Let’s see the benefits of Aloe Vera 

Everyone must be aware of the benefits of aloe Vera, a plant so powerfully associated with health that its usage dates back probably millennia, it’s the Aloe Vera. Chiefly, it is best-known for its skin-soothing properties, to clarify, it’s not just for skin soothing but much capable in fighting with all the skin as well as health ailments. 
As a matter of fact, Aloe Vera is a modest houseplant having miraculous benefits from scars to hair, teeth to immunity and plenty of more. There are numerous benefits of aloe Vera for skin. 

Let’s take a glance at the following benefits of Aloe Vera for skin. 

1.Natural Healer, Soothes Sunburns 

As aloe vera is touted as the “burn plant,” the right natural remedy for a nasty sunburn, aloe Vera gel uses it for it’s soothing properties. Indeed, its gel is alkaline in nature and promotes healing. 

You can place the Aloe vera plant or oil in your refrigerator for a couple of minutes before applying it to instantly cool the skin. This could help the itching and sting related to a nasty sunburn.

2. Benefits of aloe vera gel on face- It deeply nourishes the skin 

Aloe Vera is additionally referred to as a Derma protection agent. The primary constituent of the gel within the leaves is water and is additionally full of minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients. Because of vitamin C, E & Beta carotene that moisturizes the skin deeply and treats dryness at it’s best. 
Aloe Vera is good for folks that have oily skin because it offers a moisturizing effect minus the greasiness. And in fact, it’s great for dry skin too.

DIY – Aloe Yogurt Pack

Ingredients required 
2 tbsp. Aloe vera Gel + 1 tbsp. Yogurt 

Method of Use 
Step1. Firstly mix the duo in a clean bowl, 
Step2. Secondly, apply the pack and relax for 15 min, 
Step3. Later, wash it off with water, 
Step4. For more benefits just Apply Inveda Kumkumadi Tailam face cream to lock the hydration. 

3. Benefits of aloe vera on face overnight – It protects the skin from Ageing

To begin with let me tell you that, with age, skin loses its sheen and elasticity. In conclusion to the solution, Aloe vera naturally contains vitamin C, beta carotene and vitamin E, which makes the skin firm and tight.  It is incredibly effective in ridding your body of dead skin cells and replenishing it with new ones. This, in turn, gives your skin a young healthy glow.


I know you are thinking that how to use Aloe Vera for ageing .

Prior to thinking, just apply Aloe Vera juice on to the face and leave it overnight, wash it off with normal water. Use it daily to see the remarkable glow on your face.

4. Reduces Infection & Acne 

One of the foremost benefits of burn plants is that it loves to treat oily skin, especially acne-prone. With the result, Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties of Aloe treat acne and it’s scar. Furthermore, It helps in gentle cleansing, and its antimicrobial properties treat pimples without causing any damages to the skin. 

All in all it contains polysaccharides and gibberellins. These help in the growth of new cells and at the same time, reduce inflammation and redness. It also works as an astringent that reduces the dimensions of pores, flushing out the surplus sebum, microbes, and dirt for better skin.

5. Aloe vera plant uses to Lightens Blemishes & Dark spots 

Now we are cognizant that Aloe Vera contains skin cells that produce hormones that reinforces cells to seem healthy and young. In effect, continuous use of Aloe vera with lemon juice shed the dark dead cells of the skin and lightens the blemishes and freckles. 

All you need is Aloe vera gel, honey and banana;

Step1 – First of all mix all the ingredients in a clean bowl and apply on to your skin and massage gently. 

Step2 –  Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

It’ll keep your skin clean and smooth and spot-free. 

6. Benefits of aloe vera for hair – It Promote Hair Growth 

Like Skin protection, Aloe vera protects the hair scalp and follicles also. Since it contains proteolytic enzymes that help in repairing damaged scalp and support the hair strand and works great to promote hair. 
Regularly applying Aloe gel to the hair and scalp helps to take care of the vitality of the hair and its shine.

7. Keeps Dandruff away – one of the best benefit of gel

It’s Antifungal properties help in healing dry skin and mycosis of the scalp. It’s gel absorbs the excessive oil from the scalp that causes dandruff and it nurtures the whiskers and keeps dandruff cornered. 

8. Aloe Vera helps to boost immunity as well!

Aloe Vera says to health that Aloe You Vera much. It’s an ally to health & Immunity. Aloe vera is packed with immune-boosting polysaccharides which help the system to behave properly. An excessive amount of inflammation within the body creates problems and burning plant juice soothes the inflammation and boosts immunity and health.