Holy Basil Leaves, ultimate saviour of skin and hair. Also, Holy Basil leaves belong to the family of mint and pure Indian herb. Surprisingly it had been first found 5000 years back. In other words I can say that it has a divine place in Hindu mythology and Ayurveda. 

As a matter of fact, Holy Basil leaves filled with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammation properties that treats cold, cough and flu and other health disorders. But the advantages of basil don’t sum up here, indeed, its amazing beauty benefits chiefly treats skin and hair issues and enhances natural beauty surprisingly. 

Let’s take a glance at how we will get the benefit of holy basil leaves. 

Benefits of eating basil leaves daily- over packed with nutrients.

Comparatively to other members of the family, Basil is overloaded with the number of nutrients. Further, it’s an excellent source of antioxidants flavonoids orientin as well as vicenin. Unlike others it’s overloaded with beta-carotene, lutein and vitamin A. For e.g. if you eat 2-3 leaves daily it boost the metabolism and prevent various issues inside the body accordingly.


Holy Basil leaves effectively prevents Acne and Pimples 

Above all, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of basil leaves effectively cure acne, pimples, pimple scars and excess oil. Indeed, natural oils present within the basil leaves naturally cleanses out the pores and draws out excess sebum especially the fundamental reason for the acne building. 


It not only sucks out the impurities but soothes the red inflamed skin. In other words, if you include basil leaves in your daily routine as a result it will help you in number of new ways. Like, 


  • Previously take a handful of basil leaves + 1 tbsp. Honey
  • Grind the leaves and later add honey in it,
  • Apply the pack on to the face and leave it for 15 min, until it dries out, 
  • Lastly rinse it off with water

Benefits are visible only if you use thrice every week. Please remember when you apply any home remedy, avoid direct sun rays. 


Basil for skin whitening – Great in lightening the skin tone! 

Another important function of the Basil leaves is to brighten the skin tone. Natural essential oils present in it makes it so potent for removing dullness. More over at the same time ursolic acid presents in basil help in toning the skin and imparts a clear tone. In the long run natural detoxifying agents protect the skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Equally, it make skin strong to remain away from pollution and other micro germs. 



following remedy is for skin whitening

At this time you required- Basil leaves + lemon juice + Gram flour + water to get a thick paste 

  • Firstly take 10-15 basil leaves and crushes it into a thick paste, after that,
  • Mix a few drops of lemon juice and 1 tbsp. Gram flour,
  • Meanwhile add water and stir continuously to get a thick paste, 
  • When the paste is ready apply it onto the face and neck, then leave it for 10-15 min until it dries out 
  • Lastly rinse it off with water.
  • Above all use twice every week 

Avoid direct sun rays after the application of raw ingredients. 

Relief from a skin infection, itching, and Eczema

Chiefly basil leaves, enriched with the anti-itch components so due to this property it effectively treat itching, irritation, infections and even eczema. Specifically it’s disinfectant and anti-fungal properties that surely treat many skin diseases. In addition it cools down the redness and calms the itch. 

Another key point of Basil leaves is that it can treat a chronic disease like eczema. Moreover, reduces the risk of skin cancer too. 


  • Firstly take a fresh handful of basil leaves,
  • Secondly, grind it to get a paste, 
  • Thirdly, apply directly on to the affected areas and leave until dry, 
  • Lastly, wash it off with water. 
  • Without a doubt use it daily for effective results. 

Avoid direct sun rays after the application of raw ingredients. 

Turns skin tight bright and moisturized

On the whole basil leaves are Richie rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, in brief, basil leaves fight truly with the free radicals present within the atmosphere. In fact, it damages the oxidative stress and builds collagen resulting in elasticity enhanced wrinkles. All in all reduces fine lines as well as signs of ageing. 

By the time freshly leaves boost cell regeneration and provide a lift to new skin cells to supply smooth, supple and moisturized skin instantly. 

If you want to stop premature ageing just do the following funda 


  • Firstly, take 6-7 leaves of basil and boil for 5 min in a glass of water, 
  • Let it cool and afterwards strain it into a clean bottle, 
  • Secondly, mix 10 drops of lemon juice and store it in a cool place.
  • Finally your natural Toner is ready to use. 
  • So take a cotton ball and pour some toner and cleanse your skin daily with it, Repeat it twice daily. 

Remove Blackheads from roots!

Hence, camphene present in basil leaves vanish out the blackheads and whiteheads, soothe the red bumps instantly. Additionally, the oils present in the basil leaves remove the spots left by blackheads and take away the surplus oil while unclogging pores. 


Before anything else, boil the basil leaves in the water for 6-8 minutes and remove from flame, tie back your hair and place your face near the vessel containing the liquid, absorb the steam for 10 minutes and finally use the blackhead removing tool to get rid of the blackheads gently.

Benefits of basil leaves for hair – Cure Dandruff and Hairfall 

Basil is useful not just for skin but hair too. An efficient natural remedy to cure dandruff and hair fall. Basil oil is different from many other oils.  In effect, it reduces excessive dryness of the scalp and removes impurities and dead cells accumulation from the scalp. If you are searching for best oil than to begin with random oil just go for Basil oil without delay as it is really good for hair. Also, it promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall by improving blood circulation through the scalp.

In the first place, it supplies necessary nutrients to the hair follicles to enhance the strength of hair shafts that reduce brittleness and hair breakage. From time to time must go for the remedies of basil leaves for hair and for other things. 

You must be wondering that how to use it for hair? Right! Let’s take a look to the following remedy. 

Do It Yourself 

  • At first, take a handful of leaves of basil and ground it into a rough paste, 
  • Secondly, mix it with 2 tablespoons of pure coconut oil and apply this mixture on scalp and hair, Massage it on the scalp using gentle circular motion, let it stay for 1 hour 
  • Later on , Wash off with Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.
  • Without delay, repeat it 2-3 times every week for best results.

In conclusion must include basil in your lifestyle and make most out of it. Basil leaves known as the seed leaves of Tulsi. For more Ayurvedic remedies, reach us out at www.inveda.in