For the rainy day makeup look!

Makeup- Check!

Lipstick- Check! 

Foundation- Check!

Bla Bla Bla – Check! 

You checked all things but please do not forget to matt finish your rainy day makeup look & obvious Not to forget tips- before stepping out in the rain. Although there are different makeup looks for different occasions but I think how to look fit in rainy days is must to know! Right!

What to do – Not to forget tips-

  1. Choose Waterproof Kajal & Mascara 
  2. Opt Pencil or Gel liners instead of liquid ones 
  3. Don’t say yes to glossy lipsticks
  4. Wash your hair, alternate days with natural & organic shampoo only
  5. And if you want your skin to stay hydrated then don’t forget to use collagen booster cream. 

Now it’s time to explain how you can enjoy the rain with your makeup ON! So here we go with the types of makeup looks for rainy days!


Monsoon, the time to be extra careful along with your beauty looks. Don’t let the rain mess your makeup mood. Don’t take stress, rather enjoy the season of affection, walk around within the rain but make sure your eyeliner won’t run down your face. It looks DRAMATIC, isn’t it!

Here are the teeny weeny tips to keep in mind before stepping out in the season. Choose makeup stuff that will survive in the rain. 

A tip to make your makeup long-lasting & waterproof – With every layer of makeup, apply a pinch of face powder.  

  • For Face 

Monsoon demands flawless clear matt face so always create a matt finish look. For this look, first of all, you need a PRIMER. Always wear a primer which suits your skin type. It is incredibly important to create a smooth base for your matt look. It evens out the skin tone and minimizes the appearance of pores. 

After the application of primer, select BB Cream consistent with your tone. Reason to select BB cream is that the foundation/concealer starts melting within the humid atmosphere regardless of how good the quality is. Apply the BB all over the face and spread it evenly to offer a smooth finish. It doesn’t look heavy on your face and it’s moisturizing properties help your skin to seem balanced and fresh. Although, there are many types of makeup brands but for matt dewy finish, you can use Inveda BB cream matt finish or choose any of your favourites. 

Now the subsequent step is to opt a compact powder. Choose any waterproof compact which is best suitable for your skin & merges up with your skin tone. It will give you a great matt finish glow on your face and your makeup will not bloat due to rain. 

  • For Eyes

Let your eyes be bold and exquisite that raindrops only find you. So DRAMATIC!!

Here are the straightforward tricks to flaunt your eyes in the month of monsoon. Everybody knows that eyes only demand Kajal, Mascara & Eyeliner. But before applying the liner, choose a light-weight color waterproof eye shadow that enhances the looks of your eyes. Choose a light color shade and blend it smoothly. Once you’re done, opt the organic Kajal and Mascara. Apply the liner with perfect winged to give you perfect eye makeup. 

Mascara highlights the eyelashes so it’s up to you to use it or not. But before applying mascara confirm it’s waterproof. 

  • For Lips

Lips also need care no matter the season. To reinforce the classy look, choose matt lip colors and say yes to dark colors. Choose that brand which doesn’t make your lips dry. Choose organic brands that moisturize and highlight your lips at an equivalent time. 

First, apply lip balm then cover it with a very thin layer of BB cream then you should apply lipstick for a long stay. 

  • For Hair 

Don’t forget to style your hair. In the monsoon season your hair needs intensive care and to guard against fizz free damaged hair you would like to choose a braid like hairstyle or tie up a messy bun to flaunt the look. 

Don’t try to open up your hair otherwise, you’ll resemble the “HAGRID” of Harry Potter. How someone can forget Hagrid! 

Choose differing types of braiding just to seem more fashionable and chic. 

  • For Outfits

Brighten your all dark color outfits. Black is particularly great in rain. But aside from that add a pop of colors to your look. Pair up with long boots that prevent and hit the look against rain. 

Finally, your monsoon season is here so always choose a soft sassy look that brings wonders for your looks. Flaunt your look and rock in the rain.  

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