Waxing and shaving are two processes in which women are really interested. Some prefer to go for waxing while others opt to shave their hair. Well, everybody has different preferences and some of us don’t even know that which is the best option for our skin? So let me tell you my way of looking at both waxing and shaving. This might help you arrive at conclusion for choosing the better option for removing hair.

1- No pain only gain– There is no pain while shaving hair. You will only gain clear, smooth skin and get rid of your hair in this process. You just need to put some shaving cream on the hairy skin and shave it off with a razor. Within seconds your skin will be free of those stubborn hairs that too without any pain.

Waxing, on the other hand, is definitely painful. The pain increases when waxing is carried out during menstruation time. So this pain thing is surely a plus point for shaving and a negative one for waxing.

2- Smooth skin- Shaving helps in removing dead skin cells along with unwanted hair. Just shave your hair and apply some moisturiser or oil for extra smooth skin. But this smooth skin doesn’t last long. It lasts only for a day or two and then you can feel small hair growing out again, whereas in waxing you can feel the smooth skin at least for 10-15 days. Hair starts growing properly only after 15 days. I personally prefer waxing because I love the long lasting soft, smooth skin.

3- Ready steady GO- You can shave skin whenever, wherever you want. It is a quick process and is highly useful in the times of urgency. You can always opt for shaving before any special date, or urgent meeting, or any other special occasion where you want to go without your unwanted hair. The same ready steady go feature cannot be obtained with waxing. It takes time and cannot be done quickly.

4- Non-irritating- When we shave hair with a razor, it is generally not irritating unless the cream used is of fine quality and as per the skin requirements. The after effects of razor are non-irritating, which cannot be said about waxing. Some people might feel some kind of irritation after waxing as hairs are removed straight from the roots. This strain can sometimes cause skin irritation.

5- Pocket-friendly– Shaving with a razor is pocket-friendly. It is really affordable. Waxing can be expensive depending on the type of wax used and the features offered by the salon.