Stress is the state of emotional tension due to pressurising situations. This emotional tension can lead to physical symptoms and indicate the adverse effects of worries and tensions on our body. There is no particular cause of stress. It varies from person to person and situation to situation. The result of stress is never favourable and therefore we should avoid stress.

There are many harmful impacts of stress on our skin, hair and the entire body. Let us discuss these effects of skin on the skin.

1. Pimples and acne– The first and foremost problem caused to our skin is pimple problem. It is considered that pimples and stress go hand in hand. Too much stress can make your face look too pimply.

2. Dry Skin– Stress dealing involves intake of various caffeinated drinks. Generally, when people are stressed, they consume loads of junk food or colas or caffeinated drinks. In such a situation, the body lacks water and skin reflects the internal situation of the body. It becomes dry and looks dull.

3. Fine Lines– Age is just a number when you take too much stress because you start to look much older than your actual age. Premature ageing of skin begins with stress and fine lines are a proof of the same.

4. Dark circles– Stress can make your eyes look like ghost eyes. Those dark circles give you a feeble look and keep becoming darker and larger with the increasing tension.

5. Tired Face– Stress is nothing more than unusual thoughts in our head that make us look pale and tired. Its harms our body by releasing cortisol and makes us feel low and tired which gives a weary appearance.

 Some tips to curb stress

1. Never go without exercise more than three days a week. A good workout routine helps the body in releasing endorphins which are good for our body. Moreover, sweat helps in releasing toxins and in providing healthy and clean skin.

2. Limit soda and caffeinated drinks. Eat more of veggies and fresh fruits. When you eat healthy food, your body starts feeling healthy and fit by defeating the skin problems.

3. Dive into hot water baths with essential oils. Pamper yourself with a nice massage or hot water bath containing essential oils.

4. Listen to exciting and lively music. Once you get into the music mode, you might forget your tension and worries.

5. Sleep more. Whenever you feel there is a lot of mess in your life, just grab your bed sheet and pillow and get into your dreamland. Sleep will make you feel better and give a break from the stress.

Keep Smiling. Keep Glowing!