One cannot ignore the fact that happy belly means happy you. Everyone wants flat and toned Belly so that they can look smart, not only this, it is also necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. The Little amount of belly fat is normal as it provides protection and cushion the bones. Well, excess fat is the point of concern. So, there are many simple ways to get beautiful belly but before that, we just try to understand the reasons behind the belly fat or any stubborn fat.

• Hormonal changes– Hormones are responsible for regulating the fat concentration in the body, and your figure depends entirely on it.

• Stress and Hypertension– it is responsible for increasing cortisol level in the blood which leads to fat accumulation in the body.

• Poor Posture– Sitting in curved or slouch posture may result in fat accumulation around the stomach area.

• Overeating– Too much eating can lead to many health problems like weight gain and belly fat.

• Genetics– Genes are entirely responsible for transferring no of genetic traits from parents to offsprings. So, fat accumulation can be one transferred trait from parents to their offspring.

• Weak metabolism– Of course, weak metabolism is one factor responsible for bloated stomach which causes belly fat. Thyroid conditions, diabetes, and other medical issues can be the reason behind.

Friends, you just need not worry as you can cut any type of fat by following strict diet and chart and few exercises daily. It is no more surprising that by adding these simple activities in your daily regime, getting flat stomach won’t be a distant dream.

1. Running-It is a most effective and simple way to keep your heart rate up, burn calories, and lose belly fat.

2. Cycling– This cardio exercise helps in shedding belly fat by burning calories. Heart rate should go up while cycling.

3. Swimming– swimming is one of the best cardio exercises from losing weight to toning the body- all at the same time. And always use ayurvedic sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage.

4. Walking– It is the best way to churn this ugly fat, in fact, very effective for the whole Body. Follow healthy diet along with 30-45 minutes walking every day can witness a gradual decrease in your weight. It increases your metabolism and heightened metabolism rate burn away calories at a faster rate.

5. Jogging– It helps in breaking down unwanted fat. This type of Aerobic exercise is extremely useful for fighting obesity.
Try to take food that is high in monosaturated fats as they help burn belly fat.

Almonds– Monosaturated and Vitamin E present in it help in reducing belly fat by lowering cholesterol. It is rich in monosaturated and vitamin E which lowers cholesterol as it helps in reducing belly fat
Oatmeal– It is rich in fiber. Opt for plain oat rather than flavored one.

Green Vegetables– Try to add green vegetables to your lunch and snack time like kale, lettuce, and spinach.

Less salt– Try to add less salt to your food.

Berries– It is rich in fiber and antioxidant which helps in improve blood flow and help you lose extra fat.

Banana– It helps in getting rid of excess water and helps in rebalancing the sodium amount. 

Always keep an eye what to eat or what not. This is the best way to reduce extra fat and improve overall fitness. Also, always eat healthily, drink lots of water and keep doing exercises is the only mantra to keep your body fit and healthy. Take care!