Your clean skin is much more important than anything. The foremost step is the cleansing your face with the right face wash. Everyone has a different type of skin tone. So, ways to maintain your skin’s hygiene is also different. One should always choose right face wash by keeping in mind the texture of one’s skin. Washing your face is very much essential to remove excess oil, dirt and unwanted debris. Regular washing also boosts hydration and helps manage PH levels of the skin. If the skin is not rightly hydrated, it looks and feels rough, aged and wrinkled. Maintaining proper skin cleansing is very important to avoid any skin related issues.

You should never wash your face with soap as it is hard on the skin. There is a different type of face washes available in the market. Choose any good face wash by keeping in mind your skin tone. If you have oily skin, then use a face wash which best suited for oily skin that will wash off dirt and excess oil from the skin surface. If you have dry skin, then go for the face wash for dry and normal skin.

very important point to remember that you should always prefer cleansers enriched with ayurvedic or natural ingredients. Simply because ayurvedic face washes are suitable for any skin type because they do not cause any skin problem.

Now, let’s talk about some of the natural extracts best suited for skin a must-have in your washes.

1. Neem– It has the antibacterial properties which help skin to stay away from pimple-causing bacteria also reduces irritation and sweat.

2. Gotu kola– it is an herb which is used for its longevity. It acts as a toner and tightens the has the antiaging properties as well.
Lemon- lemon is the best skin brightener as it is loaded with vitamin C and citric acid. It helps in removing deep-seated impurities and lighten dark spots. Lemons are excellent antibacterial which treats acne, has dual benefits of cleansing and moisturizing.

3. Grapefruit– it rejuvenated the skin and does wonder on the wrinkled skin to make it wrinkle free. Leaves skin moisturized and firm.

4. Soothing rose – roses are anti-inflammatory. Its calming properties are very good for irritated or inflamed skin. Not only this, it also tones and moisturizes the skin.

5. Patchouli leaves– are used to treat several skin problems such as dry skin, oily scalp, acne, dermatitis etc. it is very good because of its soothing property. It is best used in removing impurities from the skin without disturbing PH level also moisturizes the skin without drying out.

So, friends why not to prefer cleansers enriched with these extracts. Sandalwood, Honey, tulsi, tea tree, and Aloe Vera are other examples. So, follow the first step of cleansing with good face wash and enjoy the beautiful life with flawless skin. Take care!