Headache is something that nobody wants to experience again and again. People who get frequent headache attacks can understand this issue very well. While suffering from a severe headache, all that I can think of is. At the moment of this painful situation, nothing matters and nothing feels important.

Have you ever thought about the causes of a headache?? Well, I will give you the answer to this question. Here is the list of few common causes of headache-

1.   Health issues like migraine, cold, etc.

2.   Hangover

3.   Dehydration or lack of water in the body

4.   A stress headache or headache due to stress

5.   Lack of sleep

6.   Overexertion

7.   Too much time on computer or television

Now let us discover ways that can treat headache. Some of the effective remedies are provided here-

1. Acupuncture– This technique involves insertion of thin needles or pointed magnets in our skin. My personal experience makes me an acupuncture lover. It can cure headaches due to migraine too which is hard to cure. Don’t be scared by the thin needles. They aren’t more painful than your irritating headache.

2. Lavender oil treatment– It has an excellent scent and so it is an awesome solution for easing migraines and headaches. The calming aroma of lavender oil enables soothing sensations, so you can simply put a couple of drops on a tissue and breathe in it. Or you can also include 2 drops of lavender oil to some hot water and breathe in the steam. Another choice is to blend a few drops in a single tablespoon of almond oil or olive oil and rub it on your forehead. You can even draw a foot shower of lavender oil and peppermint since the heated water attracts blood to your feet and the fragrance calms down the body.

3. Apples– Both apples and apple juice vinegar can be utilized to keep off headache. Both these substances maintain the balance of acids in the body. Blend some apple juice vinegar with some water and heat up the blend in a secured pot. Hold a wet towel over your head and gradually breathe in the steam. This is to get relief from sinus and the headache associated with it.

4. Proper Sleep– Take proper sleep to calm down the body and nervous system. 8-9 hour of sleep is good for the body. Sleeping more or less than these hours should be avoided.

Follow these tips and say goodbye to headache!