Due to non-presence of oil glands in your feet, the skin tends to become drier and this is because of, the chances of your cracked feet increases. Medical conditions can also be the reason behind cracked heels such as thyroid, psoriasis, eczema, and diabetes. At the same time, you should not put extra pressure on your feet which is a result of standing for long hours. Also, a sunburn can also be the reason for dry and cracked heels. Girls you need to pay attention to your feet. Here are few of the remedies which you can try at home.

 Mix few drops of neem oil and 10 drops of sesame oil together in a tablespoon of turmeric powder and sandalwood powder. Then add neem powder and 3 pieces of Aloe Vera in the mixture. Mix all the ingredients well to make a paste. Apply this pack to the affected area. Wait for 20 minutes then wash with water. Then Apply ayurvedic moisturizer .

 Take a tub of warm water and raw salt, squeeze few drops of lemon juice in it, add 1 tablespoon of rosewater and glycerine. Soak your feet in this water for good 20 minutes. With the help of foot scrubber, scrub your heels. You can also apply amixture of one tablespoon of rosewater, glycerine and lemon juice directly to your heels and leave it on overnight. Rinse off with little warm water next morning.

 First, wash your feet and pat dry completely before applying anything to your feet. Apply a layer of 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil on the cracked feet. You can give a gentle massage to your feet. Wait for overnight. You can wear a pair of socks. wash with little warm water next day. It will nourish the skin and repair cracked heels.

 Before you apply anything to your feet, soak them in lukewarm water for about 20 minutes. Rinse off and dry them completely. Now apply a mixture of one tablespoon of Vaseline and 6 to 7 drops of lemon juice. Massage this mixture over affected area till it gets absorbed deeply by the skin. Wear a pair of sock and leave it on overnight. Wash your feet next morning and apply herbal moisturizer. It moisturizes your feet and helps you to stay away from dry and achy feet.

 Add a cup of honey in a tub of Luke warm water. Soak your feet in this water for 20 minutes. Scrub the affected area with the scrubber to get soft feet. Follow this remedy daily to get beautiful feet. This remedy soothes cracked feet and revitalizes dead skin.

Follow these simple remedies at home and stay away from cracked heels. Definitely, your feet will thank you for these remedies. 
Take Care!