Self-care is something that most of us tend to overlook. As a result of, we end up feeling stressed out and exhausted to skin. Self-care practices not only help you relax, but they also keep you happy and stress-free in the long term.

If you don’t practice self-care regularly, it’s easy to feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day. However, integrating self-care into your routine doesn’t have to take a lot of time—in fact, by making small changes to your habits, you can reap the benefits. Start implementing these 7 simple self-care tips and see how much happier and relaxed you feel to!

5 signs that your skin needs attention for silky smooth skin

Signs of skin issue


Most of the time we under look over our skin and don’t take care of it the way it needs! From working out to staying up late, our daily routine consists of chores that can tire our skin and make it stressed. If you are new to skincare or need some guidance, here’s 5 signs that your skin needs attention and care today.

It stays super dry/ oily –

Dry skin seems to be no issue to all but sometimes it can be problematic as dry skin ages fast. As wrinkles and fine lines tends to form on dry skin as compared to other skin types, of you feel your skin is super dry, it needs care. Oily skin issue mostly comes with acne, blackheads, whiteheads and dark spots. If your skin feels too much oily few hours after cleansing face, this problem needs to be addressed and needs attention.

Flushed Cheeks –

Loving the natural pink/red blush on your skin? Sometimes you may notice redness or flushed cheeks during winters or all year round. This is not normal and if not taken care in right time, it can lead to skin conditions that needs medical attention. So, if you have naturally flushed cheeks, you may need a moisturizer and sunscreen.

Blackheads/ Whiteheads –

Blackheads and whiteheads are small clogged pores which often occur on nose, chin & forehead area. They generally form on facial areas which are too oily and produce excess sebum. Next time, when you see small blackheads and whiteheads, you may need a good scrub to get rid of them.

Small bumps on skin –

Bumpy & textured skin is always concern for all skin owners as they get bumps on face and forehead that makes their skin look textured. While it’s easy to take care of skin at home. Such irritating bumpy texture needs attention and care so that your skin can get better and healthier.

Dullness/ Uneven Tone –

Do u feel your face is getting dull day by day? The main reason for such issue can be prolonged exposure in sun and using products that doesn’t suit your skin. Now, it’s time to switch your routine with natural alternatives.

Try these 7 self-care practices for eternal beauty & youthfulness

Now you are here for solution to get silky smooth skin. You need to switch your lifestyle and include more activeness, healthy & conscious eating along with self-care and voila! You’ll notice that you are more fit and glowing.

Healthy & Conscious Eating –

Eating habits decides the person’s health and well-being. If you love fried and spicy food, you might need to re-think your choices as they do no good, neither for your skin nor your body. Inculcate a big bowl of salad as side every dish you eat and raw veggies for healthy skin and hair.

Daily Workout/Exercise –

Exercising not only improves metabolism and strength but also keeps you fit and fine! Exercising not only means daily high intensity workouts or weight training, it can also include brisk walking, cycling or even better! Yoga! Try it out today and include daily exercise in routine and you’ll definitely see the results.

Quitting Smoking/Alcohol –

Bad habits such as consumption of alcohol & smoking are biggest threat to your body. It not only detoriates your health but also impacts your skin by creating dark circles and darkening lips. Even if you are fan of soda or carbonated drinks. Try hydrating with water and drinking natural juices that will not only help you to hydrate. But also add glow and retard process of ageing.

Skin/Body Detox is great –

Detox is on trend in these days but skin detox is much needed as much as body detox. Not only great to flush the toxins, skin detoxing is great way to get rid of toxins and get glowing from inside.

Gentle Skin Massages are Must –

Skincare tools such as gua sha and jade roller are great way to drain your lymph nodes and de-puff skin. By gentle skin massages, skin stays plump and firm making you look youthful.

Eye & Lip Care is Important too! –

One of the common mistakes that one does every day is that they neglect the most important parts of their body while doing skincare. Eyes, neck and lips needs special care too! Get area specific products and your skin will be thankful!

Stress Less, Focus More –

Stressing out is one of the reasons for pre-mature ageing and skin issues. such as acne and clogged pores. While you need to meditate and calm yourself down more, stress management can do wonders on your skin!

The Bottom Line…

Natural skin care products

Nobody loves skin issues and ageing signs on their skin, right? Get the best of nature’s skincare solution with Inveda’s skincare science. That helps you to get rid of skin issues and give natural glow to your skin. While you can follow these at-home easy tips for silky smooth skin. You need to know what’s best for your health and skin. As well to ensure that you have good and balanced lifestyle. Now when you need skincare and personal care solutions, you know where to go! Try out Inveda’s range of wellness and lifestyle that elevates your experience. With nature which is imbibed with natural ayurveda and organic goodness for healthy you!