Looking young beautiful is the desire of every woman. Do you know that unhealthy habits can do worse to you from inside out? What you eat is the most important as there is a saying ‘you are what you eat’. Therefore, it is important to eat healthy and nutritious food but there are certain foods and ingredients that are not good for skin hence makes you look older as they speed up the process of skin’s aging. Here’s how by avoiding these you can diminish the process of aging

Sweets– These are sugar loaded foods. If you eat lots of sweets it takes up the process of glycation which leads to bad health. Sugar causes weight gain and other problems like bacteria in teeth, sagging and wrinkled skin. Collagen and elasticity are the most important for us if damaged once, difficult to restore. These are essential to keep healthy and young skin.

Alcohol– If you are taking alcohol in moderation, then it exerts a healthy effect. White wine actually causes a dental problem. Its effect is long lasting stains. If too much alcohol is ingested it causes loss of elasticity, collagen, speed up premature aging, puffiness, etc. it also causes health problems like liver damage and dehydration.

Salt– Excess intake of salt in the diet can cause cells to shrink and creates dehydration. It also leads to dehydrated skin hence makes you look older than your actual age

Caffeine– Excessive caffeine stimulates your stress hormone that is cortisol. It becomes really a problem for your health and skin. Your stress automatically reflects on your skin. Hence looks wrinkled and aged.

Spicy food– Spicy food provokes rosacea-prone skin. In that case, blood vessels become more reactive and can give you permanent redness, puffiness etc. but the occasional spicy food is not a problem.

Energy drinks– Energy drinks can satisfy your appetite for a while but have a very bad effect on to your teeth. It is better to use a straw than direct contact with teeth. As energy drinks are more acidic.

Suggested to reduce or avoid the intake of these above-mentioned foods to a more energetic and youthful look. Also always try to rely on ayurvedic beauty products.

Take care!