I think there won’t be a person who doesn’t know about the benefits of honey, right! Let us explore the nectar of God. Honey, probably known as Shehad & Madhu in Hindi. There are many benefits of Honey that was prominently used in ancient times for health. You know, it found a great place in Ayurveda and Chinese medication system. 

Everyone must be thinking about how it forms! Am I right? Let me clear you, the bees collect the sugar-rich nectar from the flowers and save it in the beehive for the difficult time. Nectar remains in liquid once deposited in the comb. Basically 1 tbsp. (21gm) of honey contains 64 calories and 6 gm of carbohydrates with no fiber and no fat. A wonderful humectant having many great benefits. 

Although there are many benefits of honey some of them are extraordinary. Can you imagine! So don’t delay to explore the best advantages she had.

Firstly let’s get to the skin benefits of honey

Undoubtedly honey has numerous benefits for skin but other than that if one includes honey and lemon water in the morning it improves the overall health of the skin and fights with the free radicals from within.

Let’s move towards the astonishing benefits of honey.

1. Raw honey application treats wrinkles

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to treat wrinkles that is none other than a natural humectant-Honey. Before coming to the point, you must know how fine lines appear- Wrinkles occur when the skin starts losing moisture. So in order to combat this issue must go for honey.

I know what you are thinking? Here is the right way to use honey for ageing issues. Do it yourself


Step 1 First of all, mix 1 tbsp. of honey with 1 tbsp. of yoghurt or raw milk

Step2- After that apply the paste and rest for 15-20 minutes

Step3- Thirdly, wash your face with normal water

Step4- At last apply Premium anti-ageing night cream at night

Benefits of honey are extraordinary. Treats skin, hair and health issues. One smart way is to replace your sugar with honey to avoid health issues.

This mixture makes your skin smooth, supple and hydrated. However, it does not give you immediate results but yeah, continuous application solves your purpose.

2. How Honey & Cinnamon cures acne

Since honey is natural nectar full of antioxidants that suck out the skin impurities and furthermore, when combined with cinnamon, they worked impressively altogether to treat acne and acne marks. Indeed, both the ingredients are pack with antimicrobial agents that chiefly target the root cause and improves the overall impression of the skin.

Additionally, a combination of honey & cinnamon is more beneficial compared to one alone.


Step1- Firstly, mix 1 tbsp. honey with 2-3 pinch of cinnamon powder

Step2- Secondly, apply the paste to the affected area and leave it for 15 min

Step3- lately, Wash it off with normal water

Neither forgets to try a patch test before the application and not exposed to the sun after the application.

3. Effectively eradicates warts

Surprisingly manuka honey benefits for many skin issues. It effortlessly removes warts. Apply a layer of honey to warts and leave it overnight and see the magic in the morning.

4. Helpful in treating dry skin

Unlike the other moisturizing agents, honey unquestionably treats the dry skin. Remarkably increases the level of moisture and treats flaky skin.

Amazing health benefits of raw honey

There are many benefits of raw honey which we can discuss below!

1. Maintains your heart health with the use of honey

Because of the antioxidants compound presented in the honey, it can help to reduce the blood pressure of the heart and regulate the cholesterol level. If one can intake 50-70 gm of honey for a month this will lead to the reduction of cholesterol & plaques formation which causes heart attacks.

If you are suffering from any kind of heart issue, include the medicinal value of honey in your daily diet.

2. Avoid the risk of diabetes with a natural sweetener

If you want to reduce the risk of diabetes then act smart and cleverly include honey in the place of sugar. Honey consumption increases the level of insulin that helps to reduce blood sugar.

One interesting medicinal use of honey is combine with the sugar control pills and it contributes to the extra benefit to the patient. But wait! Don’t forget to consult your doctor before this mix and match.

3. Uses of raw honey help you to cure toothache

Above all honey cure toothache! Amazing isn’t it. Hence, if you have minor pain just apply honey on that tooth or consume a glass of lukewarm water with 1 spoon of honey. Other than that, if your pain is unbearable consult your doctor immediately.

4. Manuka honey benefits are great to remove gastric issues

Another astonishing benefit of honey is that it treats gastric issues. As you all know it is fill with antioxidants and antimicrobial properties aid in the reduction of stomach problems.

Another key point is manuka honey contains methylglyoxal compounds and hence contributes to treating gastric and digestive tract. 

5. Pure honey benefits you to boost immunity

Undoubtedly, honey is a great component brimming with great wonders. Pure honey contains protein, enzymes and amino acids that contribute to boost immunity and enhance the production of cytokines-signals stimulated by the immune cells.

Here’s the interesting part, you can consume honey instead of glucose while working out.

Apart from Skin and Health Benefits of honey does great for hair too!

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1. Aid the Progress of Hair Growth

Here is the big secret about honey, properties of honey deal with many skin and scalp issues and honey’s antioxidant nature promotes hair growth effectively.

Now the question is how to use it, here is the answer –


Step1- Previously, mix 1 tbsp. of raw honey with 1 egg white & 1 tbsp. of olive oil

Step2- After the first step, apply the mixture onto the scalp covering the head from roots to tip and leave it for 30 min,

Step3- later on, rinse it off with mild shampoo. 

2. Effectively cleanses the scalp & removes dandruff

But that is not all, honey treats dandruff too! Raw honey works better than any other conditioner in treating dandruff and moisturizes the scalp at its best. One thing you have to do is-


Step1- Firstly, just mix 2 tbsp. honey with 5-7 spoons of water

Step2- Secondly, apply the solution to the scalp & leave it for half an hour

Step 3- Lastly, Wash it off with mild Ayurvedic shampoo

Don’t forget to do the above remedy for a week at least.

The Bottom Line

Excess of everything is bad right! Same goes with the honey. Let’s discuss the few side effects of honey.

1. People who are having pollen or bee-related allergies should stay away from honey.

2. Other honey side effects include fever, drowsiness and sometimes it may increase the heartbeat.

3. Honeycombs are not highly pasteurized preservative so that might contain contaminants which are harmful to the pregnant women and newborn babies.