Curd is a natural formulation which is prepared by coagulation of milk. We all know how to prepare curd at home. It is quite easy and simple. Curd is important due to the presence of bacteria lactobacillus in it. Eating curd strengthens our digestive system and improves the immunity of our body. It keeps our gut healthy which is reflected on our outer body, i.e. hair and skin.

The good content present in curd makes it a healthy product. There are many more reasons to use curd for the benefit of our body like

1.   For reducing skin inflammation

2.   For a healthy gut

3.   Health supplement

4.   Diarrhoea

5.   Conditions Hair

6.   Reduces Hair fall

7.   Helps in dandruff

8.   Strengthens bones and teeth

One should use curd for the following skin benefits

1. Cures acne– It is said that the bacteria present in curd can fight the harmful bacteria on the skin. These bacteria are to be blamed for pimples and acne. Using curd on the skin can provide relief from pimples and acne. Take some curd and apply it on the acne with a cotton ball. Use different cotton balls for applying curd at different places on the face to avoid spreading of acne. Wash it off after few minutes.

2. Gives relief from sunburns– Sunburns can be really tough to handle. The harmful UV rays of the sun can damage the skin deeply. Something cool and soothing is required in order to repair the skin and provide relief from redness and skin burns. Curd is perfect to be applied in such condition.

3. Nourishes skin– Skin on the face is really delicate and needs a lot more nourishment than the skin on the body. Curd is the source of many essential nutrients like vitamins, protein, calcium and zinc. These nutrients keep the skin healthy and glowing. It is also a great source of lactic acid. Applying curd on the face just once a week can also moisturise your skin deeply. In short it is a good natural moisturiser.

4. Lightens skin tone– Curd can be used as a skin lightener. It works towards lightening the skin tone and making skin soft and supple. Curd mixed with orange powder can be a perfect face pack for brightening the skin. Or it can also be used with lemon juice for lightening effects on the skin.

I am sure next time when you eat curd, you will surely save some for applying it on the skin to feel the change in your skin! Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!