Blemishes are the dark spots and change in the colour of skin. They are often compared with acne scars. Any discoloration or dark spot is probably the reason of blemishes. Blemishes come under acne scars, dermatosis, pigmentation (hyper or hypo), melisma, vascular proliferation and other facial scars. Let’s try to know the causes of these stubborn marks on your face.

1. Ageing– Certain blemishes comes with age. It is difficult to ignore the stubborn reality of life. They can be further divided into these categories. (a). Liver spots– They can occur due to excessive sun exposure. They are harmless and flat brown color spots on the skin. (b). Seborrheic keratosis– these spots usually appear on head, neck, and trunk. These small flat brown pearl like spots. The cause of these spots is unknown. (c). Purpura– when your tiny blood capillaries break and leak blood, they leave a mark which red initially but turns brown over the time.

2. Genetics– Certain genetic disorders might contribute to the dark blemishes on your skin. (a). Darier disease– these marks generally appears on the forehead. They are yellow in colour and hard to touch. They also produce a strong odor. (b). Fabry disease– when a particular type of fat develops in the body cells, these small and dark red spots appear. 

3. Sun Exposure– Sun damage is the biggest reason of melisma. These irregular dark patches on the skin. Hence, it gives you enough reason to stock sunscreen. Women in the age of 20s and 30s are more prone to such patches. Even the pregnant women are advised to take care of them as they are going through no. of hormonal changes. 

4. Skin Conditions– Certain skin conditions are prone to such dark spots and leave behind blemishes. (a) Rosacea– this type of skin is reddened and acne prone. It generally leaves marks. (b). Chickenpox– atrophic scars are stubborn and might need treatment. It is mainly due to suffering from zoster virus. (c). Facial herpes– it is the skin condition that leaves scars on lips, nose, and cheeks. These marks caused due to the herpes simplex virus. 

5. Acne Scars– These type of scars are the most common and irritating. Causes of acne could be oily skin, certain hormonal conditions, and some medications. Acne caused due to the inflammation because of bacteria. Acne scars can be of any shape, colour, and type. Certain medical treatments can diminish these type of scars.

All these factors contribute to the blemishes. But you don’t worry they are absolutely common. They can be treated well. You just need to follow a healthy diet, exercise, and ayurvedic cosmetic products. Take care!