Linoleic rich safflower oil is beneficial for skin in many ways. It is a healthy cooking oil as well. A dose of safflower oil is just enough to sort out all your skin related issues such as acne, enhances wound healing, lightens skin tan, fights wrinkles and dry skin. Safflower oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant. This thistle like annual plant can do wonders for your skin. Let’s read on to find out the benefits of this oil.

1. Reduces Tan– whenever your skin exposed to sunlight, the level of a natural pigment called melanin increases. It protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, but it makes your skin darker as well. Presence of linoleic acid has skin lightening properties and reduces the melanin production. Hence, helps in decreasing hyperpigmentation. Vitamin E content in safflower oil protect the skin from harmful rays and helps you to get rid of sun tan. You can gently massage safflower directly into your skin mixed with coconut oil and wash with Luke warm water.

2. Treats Acne– it is a non-greasy and light substance which is easily absorbed by the skin. Dab small amount of safflower oil to the acne prone skin and reduces the possibility of acne and white- blackheads. You can make a mixture of 2-4 drops of lavender oil or lemon oil with 1 spoon of safflower oil and now apply this mixture. Gently massage the skin with this oil in right strokes and pressure. Then wipe off with a damp cloth. 

3. Heal Wound– linoleic acid in safflower oil speeds up the wound healing process. The topical and oral administration both helps with wound healing. It also induced the formation of new blood cells.

4. Natural Moisturizer– safflower oil is a natural moisturizing agent. It can easily integrate with daily beauty routine. Just take a small amount of safflower oil and massage morning and evening. It is very gentle and easily absorbed by the skin. You no need to rinse this. The Simple process of this makes your skin soft and supple like never before.

5. Reduces The Sign Of Wrinkles– enriched with Vitamin and powerful antioxidants reduces the signs of premature aging. You can integrate the oil in your cooking as well as a beauty regime. You can make a home-made face pack with the oil and use it twice a week.

Safflower oil is also very good for shiny and radiant hair. Being free from harsh chemicals it protects your hair with natural moisturizing properties. It is always recommended to rely on nature and natural beauty products to avoid any side effects. Take care!