Protein is a nutrient that is required to build and repair the body tissues and muscles. Protein is found in almost all the cells of the body. It is required for the better functioning of the body parts. Protein is composed of amino acids which are really important for the growth of the body. This means the growth of a person’s muscles and tissues is mainly because of protein.

Let us discuss some more benefits of proteins

1. Good for hair– Protein is extremely important for the growth of the hair. Hair is composed of a protein called keratin which gives strength and lustre to the hair. This protein keeps the hair strands strong and healthy.

2. Hormonal balance-A better hormonal growth is required for smooth functioning of the body. This is possible by taking in proteins which synthesize into enzymes and keep up the hormonal balance.

3. Proper skin care– The beautiful skin attained by using several skin care products can also be attained by regular protein intake. The process of ageing gets slower with a proper amount of protein in our body. This is because protein repairs the damaged tissues of our skin and gives better and healthy skin.

4. Good bone health– Bones are mainly made of calcium but also contain a protein called collagen which is required for better bone health. A protein-rich diet is suggested to people who are into bodybuilding exercises or are athletes.

5. Better immunity– Protein boosts the immunity of the body. It makes the body stronger. This special nutrient helps the body to fight against various infections and diseases. It gives the body the strength in the form of antibodies to fight against various issues.

Other than these benefits protein is useful for

1. Nail growth
2. Curing diseases like anaemia, kwashiorkor, etc.
3. Weight loss
4. Lowering levels of blood sugar
5. Healthy brain
6. Healthy heart
7. Keeping away the signs of ageing
8. Reducing Food Cravings

Some foods that contain protein are

1. Cheese
2. Milk
3. Juicy Fruits
4. Leafy Vegetables
5. Chickpea
6. Eggs 
7.  Nuts and dry fruits
8. Pulses and lentils

Include the foods given above in your daily diet and feel healthy and stronger day by day. In case you need extra protein content, you can take protein powder or protein tablets as supplements and ensure your well-being. Do not expect sudden changes from your body. The change begins after five to six months of taking protein diet. Keep eating. Keep Smiling. Keep Glowing!