Food is the main requirement of our skin. Good food can keep our skin glowing. Whatever we eat affects our skin and it is reflected on our skin. We need to be careful with the foods that we provide to our body. The nutrients loaded in the food are transferred to our body with the help of this food. Get glowing with the food is the slogan nowadays.

Foods that can bring a glow to the skin and keep the skin healthy are to be chosen carefully.

Here are certain foods that can keep the skin rejuvenated and fresh.

1. Cucumber- Cucumber is full of antioxidants. It has great content of water. It keeps the skin cool and hydrated. Get fresh and healthy skin by regular consumption of cucumber.

2. Foods rich in Omega 3– Omega 3 is needed by our body for treating any inflammation caused. Foods like avocados, walnuts, soya bean, fish are main sources of omega 3.

3. Foods rich in Protein– Proteins are the repairing and building nutrients for the body. Any damage caused is healed by the foods rich in protein. Foods like curd, cheese, nuts and fish are main sources of protein.

4. Tomatoes– Tomatoes are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin c. Tomatoes can prevent wrinkles and reduce dark spots on the skin. Eat tomatoes to get a clear and healthy skin.

5. Green Tea– The polyphenols present in green tea reduces the signs of ageing and repairs the damage caused to the skin. Sip a cup or two daily for healthy and attractive skin.

Certain foods that can cause skin issues should be avoided. Foods that need to be avoided to maintain healthy skin are-

1. Dairy Products– Dairy products are rich in both male and female types of hormones. Acne breakouts are the result of these hormones. Products like milk are not easily digested by our body and thus lead to various skin allergies. All those who are unable to digest dairy products should avoid such products.

2. Excessive Carbs– Eating excessive carbs can cause skin inflammation. So foods which contain gluten like pasta, cakes, barley, etc. should be completely avoided.

3. Fried Foods– Foods which are fried in vegetable oils are highly reactive and can release free radicals in the body. Such foods like French fries, fried chicken, fried fish etc should be kept away from our body. Avoid anything that is fried to attain healthy skin.

Trust me avoid these foods and you will not require any skin care product for healthy skin!

 Keep a track on the food you eat because our body depends on the food we provide it. Drink more water and juices. Eat healthy foods and get healthy skin!