Takin care of skin equally important for men and women. But it is being noticed that men pay less attention towards their skin care. They generally show more concern in maintaining a good body and follows the strict healthy diet. Well! That’s good but taking care of skin is equally important. Both men and women wish for beautiful skin. Here are given some natural remedies for both to get beautiful skin as there are no side-effects. But first, let’s discuss some of the important ingredient and their benefits on skin.

1. Lemon– it is considered best for the skin because of vitamin C and citric acid content in it. Lemon is loaded with brightening and lightening skin properties. Apart from these lemon has other benefits as well to treat body ailments like indigestion, heart burning,etc.

2. Turmeric– it is antifungal and antibacterial in nature. It can treat cuts, heals wounds, and provide many skin benefits.

3. Honey– keeps your skin naturally moisturized and give you soft and supple skin.

4. Milk– this is one of the best natural moisturizers leaves your skin soft and supple.

5. Multanimitti– fuller’s earth naturally treats acne and blemishes. It gives you the cooling effect. Mere application of fuller’s earth gives you soft and flawless skin.

6. Essential oilessential oil works wonders for the skin. They are extremely important to attain a younger and brighter skin. An Essential oil can be applied directly to face or mixed with other oil.

Some of the remedies are

A. Add egg white and corn flour to the white clay and chamomile oil. Mix all the ingredients to make a smooth paste. Apply to the face and neck. It is a very good face pack for face lifting.

B. Try yogurt and lemon mask for skin lightening and reducing acne. Mix both the ingredients in the required amount and apply to the face and neck. wash after 15 minutes.

C. Add apple cider vinegar in two crushed tablets of aspirin, also add water to make a natural toner. This is the best toner which softens skin.

Points to remember– 

i. Apply good facial cleanser. 
ii. Use antibacterial and anti-fungal products.
iii. Try to use ayurvedic skincare products.
iv. Try to use natural home-made remedies rather running to expensive chemical based products.
v. Moisturize your skin time to time. In fact,every day.
vi. Exfoliate your skin time to time to remove dead skin cells and excess oil as well as dirt.
vii. Use a good quality toner or you can use herbal toner available in the market.

Never forget that natural beauty comes naturally or by using natural products only. Do not push yourself for chemical based products.

Take care!