Clove is one of the best spices used in India. It is called Laung in Hindi and has a great value attached to it. The clove can be used in its normal state. Clove oil can also be used to derive the natural benefits of clove. Clove oil is the result of steam distillation of clove tree leaves.

This spice has many wonderful benefits and that is why cloves are used in dishes, cigarettes, antiseptic products, skin care products, aromatherapy products and medicines. Some major benefits of cloves are as follows-

1. Dental Health– Dental problems like a toothache are horrible to bear. The only options that can be followed in such a situation are- take a painkiller or chew a clove and let it work magically towards the pain. It is very effective towards toothaches and that is why it is used in many toothpastes. It is also effective in bad breath problem.

2. Acne Problem– Cloves can perfectly help in healing acne and pimples. It can also be helpful in curing skin issues like blackheads, and scars. This is because of the anti-bacterial properties present in clove. To get help in certain conditions apply little clove oil on the acne and leave it on for few minutes. Or you can add clove oil in the skin creams or moisturizers to get the required effect. Note that this application leaves behind a tingling sensation behind on the skin.

3. Cold & Cough– The common cold can be healed with the help of cloves. Cloves, when taken regularly, can stop & prevent an irritating cough. It is very easy to consume cloves. You can carry two-three cloves in your pocket and chew whenever you feel like coughing. Trust me this really helps! In case you don’t like to chew cloves, you can crush cloves into powder form and mix it in your tea. Drinking such tea can help with your common cold & cough.

4. StressTension & stress is something that can affect everyone. Cloves can be very effective in treating stress & tension. Just add few cloves, cardamom and basil in your regular tea. Drink this tea to calm down your senses & you will feel a major change in the way you tackle stress. Note it is also helpful in inducing sleep and treating anxiety.

 How to use cloves on a regular basis?

1.  Add clove powder to the spice powder.

2.  Add crushed cloves or clove powder to your tea.

3.  Chew clove instead of a chewing gum.    

4.  Crush some cloves & add it to your soup.

5.  Use powdered clove in your salad along with little salt & pepper.

Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!