Garlic with the scientific name Allium sativum belongs to the onion family. It has a strong pungent smell and is used in several dishes. It is a very ancient medicinal plant and has amazing benefits for the body. Garlic has many minerals like calcium, iron, etc. There are even traces of sulphur, iodine and chlorine present in it. Our body needs these minerals and so garlic should be taken in small doses daily.

Garlic can be used daily in the dishes in its roasted, toasted, chopped, or raw state. It not only contributes towards the taste of the food but also helps in healing many body issues.

Some of the benefits of garlic for our body are as follows

1. Controls Hypertension– Garlic has the power to keep high blood pressure under control. It has allicin compound in it and causes easiness in the blood vessels. This, in turn, helps in controlling high blood pressure. Grab two or three cloves of garlic daily and step ahead in the race of being healthy.

2. Helps in reducing Vaginal Yeast Infections– Yeast infection is something very irritating and annoying for women. The constant itchy sensation and milky white fluid can be really troublesome. There are many medicines for this problem. But eating garlic is the easiest way to get rid of vaginal yeast infection. Take 2-3 cloves of garlic daily to drive the yeast infection out of your body.

3. Good for oral health– Though garlic itself has a pungent smell, still it can help in keeping the bad breath away and in maintaining oral hygiene. It has anti-bacterial properties that can keep the bad bacteria at bay. It also relieves dental pain.

4. Prevents acne– The presence of antioxidants and antibacterial properties in garlic makes it an appropriate ingredient to treat acne. Acne is basically due to bacterial infections, an excess of oil and clogged pores, in which garlic can really help. Taking garlic regularly can help in the removal of toxins and keeping the skin healthy.

5. Anti-ageing Factor– All those trying out anti-ageing creams and other beauty products can take a pause. It is time to go natural for that healthy and super beautiful skin. Garlic has compounds that can slow down the ageing process naturally. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that keep the skin beautiful. Eating garlic on an empty stomach with honey and lemon water is one effective remedy for signs of ageing!

This one ingredient in your food can make your body healthy and life very easy. Instead of taking in many medicines and applying several skin care products, eat garlic daily. Maintain the health of your body, all by yourself. Keep Smiling. Keep Glowing!