Now that winter is here and it is really cold outside, our body needs special treatment. We all take care of our outer self by wearing winter clothes and inner self by eating drying fruits & all the nutrients rich fruits & fresh vegetables. The other thing that we want to do in such a season is sleeping a lot and stay covered in warm & cosy beds. An annoying feature about winters is that it can cause one real trouble with the freezing cool breeze. Cold, cough, body pain and numb hands can be the symptoms of such irritating cold days.

I am sure this troubles everyone a lot and each one of us looks for the ways to overcome this. So here are some special ways in which you can make the winter season a happy season!

1. Breathing made easy– Remember the times when the nose is blocked and it is not at all comfortable and we are constantly looking for a solution. So here is the solution. Just use some drops of tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil to hot water and inhale the steam of the water. It unblocks the blocked nose and relaxes the nerves.

2. Soothing massage– When the body is really cold and its difficult to retain heat in the body, a soothing massage can be really helpful. Just take few drops of essential oil and add some carrier oil to it. Now apply this mixture evenly on the body and massage to keep your body warm. The essential oils are very stimulating and relaxing for the body. Or you can also add these oils to your hot water to relax the body with a hot water bath.

3. Nourish your skin– winter is rough and hard on the skin. It can make the skin very dry and flaky. In such cases, natural essential oils can nourish the skin and make the skin happy. These oils keep the skin deeply hydrated and prevent dryness. Apply rosemary oil or jasmine oil mixed with some carrier oil to the skin & make your skin silky smooth.

4. Grab a hot drink– Cold water and cold foods are not very delightful to consume during this season. So keep having hot water, coffee, soup or tea as per your taste. With every hot drink, you will feel warm, comfortable and energetic.

Hope you stay warm and healthy this winter and spread the warmth around you. Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!