It is winter and you can feel it. It is quite common for the skin to show you symptoms like the skin which is dry, flaky & rough. We tend to forget about the other things like makeup, hair etc. when the skin is not in proper condition. This can lead to situations wherein you need to shift your attention to both makeup & skincare. This also involves choosing wisely skincare range & makeup products. So today let’s take a look at such products that we need to nourish, protect & enhance the beauty of the skin.

1. Basic Nourishment– We need to first & foremost focus on the nourishment of the skin. This is possible with the application of a moisturizer with extra nourishment & hydrating qualities. Moisturizer is a product that plays an important role in nurturing the skin & also plays an important base for makeup. The makeup appears cranky if the skin is undernourished. Choose a moisturizer that has deep nourishing qualities of a natural herb like hibiscus.

2. Two in one Product– Skin needs protection against the sun after the fulfilment of the nourishment criteria. A product that can do the work of a primer, foundation & sunscreen is available in the market these days. This product is known as BB cream. It covers dark spots, fine lines & protects against the sun. Also, it does the work of a primer. Apply it after applying a moisturizer.

3. Lip Balm– This product is of utmost importance in the winter season. Use lip balms with natural fruit extracts and buttercream to fight freezing winter. Lip gloss and lipsticks do not look good on cracked lips. It is better to heal & protect lips before applying lip colours to get beautifully coloured lips.

4. Blusher– It is a product that provides pink cheeks with a radiant look on the face. It is an important part of winter makeup. With the beautiful lips and pink cheeks, a girl is ready to conquer the hearts. Also, it helps in defining the proper shape of the face.

5. Eyeliner– Highlighting the eyes is important in order to achieve that heart throbbing look. It is important to mark the shape of the eyes with the help of eyeliner. It is also helpful in giving that much- wanted bold look to the lady. Outline the eyes with a single line or with a broad line with a liner to make your face look charming & attractive.

Enjoy your look and keep smiling!