Wedding season is on and there are many important weddings scheduled at this time. Weddings are fun for everyone but the ladies are totally enchanted during this season as it gives them an opportunity to doll up their looks. Finally, it is time to get dressed in those embroidered shimmer lehengas and beautiful chunaris. But do keep in mind to use makeup that goes well with the attire. This is because the wedding dress up is totally incomplete without the perfect makeup and jewellery. 

So let us look at the beauty products that should be a part of your makeup kit to keep you wedding ready in just no time. The products mentioned here are the products that are needed by all and should be possessed by almost everyone.

1. Skin Cleanser– This product is for removing all the dirt & impurities from the skin. Before applying makeup, make sure that you clean the skin. The deposited dirt & sweat can make your face look greasy & smudgy. A face cleanser cleanses the skin and keeps it soft and ready for makeup.

2. Moisturizer– The next process, after cleaning the face, is to apply moisturizer to the face. This nourishes the skin and gives the skin a perfect base for applying makeup. Go for a water-based moisturizer that gives a non- greasy look.

3. BB Cream– This cream has the quality of all the makeup products like concealer, primer & foundation. So you can get rid of three products by using just one product. Apply BB cream evenly all over the face and give your skin the natural subtle look.

4. Compact– After applying bb cream, give the face a non-sticky texture by applying compact powder. Basically, it is used to reduce the oily effect from the face. You can skip the application if you have dry skin.

5. Eyeliner– Eyeliner is used to give the perfect shape to your eye.   It highlights the eyes and gives an impactful look. There are many types of liners available these days like a gel liner, liquid liner & pencil liners. Use the one you are comfortable with.

6. Lip gloss– Lip gloss or lipstick is really the most important makeup product. It gives a super charming look. Use the lip gloss that goes well with your outfit. You can also choose the lip shade in contrast to your outfit. Another technique of good lip make up is to keep the lip shade light with dark eye makeup & keep the lip shade dark with light eye make-up. Do apply a lip balm before applying lipstick or you can even use lipsticks with moisture-rich content to keep the lips nourished and beautifully coloured.

Other than these products, you should also include eye kohl, eyebrow pencil & blusher. Of course, there can be many more products in your kit other than these products as per your requirement and taste like eyeshadow, fake eyelashes, etc.

With these products, the list of basic makeup items to be included in your makeup kit is complete. 

Happy Wedding Season!