We got Cruelty free certification!!! Inveda is now happy to announce that it has an official stamp of approval from PETA. Because we never did and will never test on animals. Inveda is basically a mixture of Infusion + Ayurveda. The foundation of Inveda being infusing especially natural ingredients. The beauty secrets of Vedas which is totally against animal testing.

Everything about PETA

PETA is the greatest basic body on the planet, with more than 6.5 million individuals and groups. Since 1980, PETA has fight against animal misuse and abuse, affecting organisations and legislators to quit utilizing animal creatures.

Organizations that are included on PETA’s list of organizations that don’t test on innocent animals. Moreover, when you see PETA’s free logo on an item, it’s a certification that you can believe that item you’ve picked was delivered without tests on animals.

As a nature lover, we love each and every creation of god.

It is very proudly declaring that PETA  People for Ethical Treatment of Animals.  They substantiate that neither Inveda nor its ingredient suppliers conducted any tests on animals for formulations. We are now officially authorized to use cruelty free & PETA bunny logo on all our products labels. It’s a good news! isn’t it.

Let’s discuss about the certifications

What does cruelty-free?

If a brand or company does not conduct any test on animals during its production, then it called cruelty-free. It is still quite uncertain to determine which products are true to their claim. Also, they are actually cruelty-free unless you are aware of what you are looking for.

What is vegan skincare?

The most important thing to note that cruelty-free doesn’t give certification to cosmetics and skincare range. Specially the ones who didn’t use animal-produced ingredients.

Ingredients like beeswax, gelatin, honey, are label as vegan products.

Inveda is having PETA certified skincare products range which is animal testing free as well as Vegan. All of our products are stamp with the PETA logo. That means, we believe that every creature has a right to live free without any pain.

All of us must contribute by not buying animal tested products and PETA certified products that can help prevent animal suffering and deaths. Please support PETA & always buy organic products to save the environment and your skin.