Girls and their personal issues are quite in number. These include physical issues, emotional issues, work issues and lot many more issues. Among so many issues, one very common yet serious issue is vaginal problems. Effects of vaginal problems are not very clear & prominent in the starting stage but can be very difficult to manage in the later stage. One thing to be noted is that vaginal health is as important as the health of any other body part and so it should not be neglected.

Problems associated with vaginal health are-

1. Itching– Vaginal itching is one big trouble! It is not at all pleasing and can really give you tough nights. It is a clear symptom of an unhealthy vagina. Minor itching takes 3-4 days to go whereas serious itching can take weeks before leaving your vagina.

2. Vaginal Pimples– Yes, there can be pimples on the skin of your vagina, if you do not take good care of the vagina. These pimples can be red & painful. In worst case scenarios, these can even be pus-filled. Vaginal pimples can take 3-4 days to heal.

3. Skin rashes– This is a very common issue associated with vaginal health. A skin rash can be very painful, red in colour and can be hard to handle at times. The worst skin rashes take 2-3 days to heal.

4. White discharge– A white creamy discharge can also be the result of vaginal infection. It can even be smelly at times. This milky discharge denotes that something is not right with your vagina. 

Steps that can be taken to heal the issues mentioned above

1. Keep it dry– Check whether there is too much moist environment in your vagina. If it is the case, then note to wipe your vagina completely inside out at regular intervals. Make a habit of using tissues for cleaning after every time you visit the toilet.

2. Use natural soaps & cleansers– Vagina is a highly sensitive body part. It needs to be treated gently and so natural soaps & cleansers must be used to clean the vagina. Soaps with natural ingredients and fewer chemicals are quite mild for the vagina.

3. Eat healthy food– Whatever we eat has an impact on our body. It is better to eat fresh fruits & green vegetables rather than feeding on junk food & oily snacks. Regular use of curd can really help in the good health of vagina. Garlic is another food that should be included to keep away the harmful bacteria from the vagina.

4. Tea Tree Oil– Using tea tree oil on the vagina is also a good option. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties that really help with good vaginal health.

Do not neglect the importance of vaginal health as it can lead to serious issues. Take precautions before it gets too late to cure. Make a habit of visiting the gynaecologist for routine check-ups. This will help in taking early precautions for an upcoming issue.