A face wash is considered the best skin care product for cleaning the skin. Usually, it is used as per the type of skin, but there are some face washes which are highly popular for being suitable for all types of skin. Another category of face wash which is steadily gaining popularity is natural face wash range. These are just like the other face washes but form a separate category due to their special formulation and no use of chemicals. Due to the different composition, such products are also known as paraben free beauty products.

Find out more about the face cleanser and face wash range that is paraben free and is considered the best to attain clean & clear skin-Three face washes to deep cleanse the skin are-

1. Neem & Gotukola Face wash- This is the best face wash for oily skin. The combination of neem and Gotukola is rare. So, Inveda brought these ingredients together in a single face wash. The natural ingredients make it ideal for sensitive skin.

2. Lemon & Grapefruit Face Wash- Lemon is known for its complexion enhancing properties. The moisturising formula works best for the dry & ageing skin. A fair and fresh glow is obtained with the use of this unique face wash.

3. Rose & Patchouli Face Wash- Rose & patchouli face wash from the store of Inveda is ideal for all types of skin. It removes impurities, cleanses the skin and gives a soothing effect. The mild formulation of this face wash makes it suitable even for sensitive skin.

Why do you need a face wash?

With the increasing pollution and the constant use of makeup items, face wash has become an important product of the beauty kit. There are many reasons for which a face wash is required. Some of these are given below-

i. To deep cleanse the skin and remove impurities clogged in the pores.

ii. To provide a clean base for makeup.

iii. To remove excess oils from the skin and prevent the formation of blackheads.

iv. To clean the face gently and prevent the use of harsh chemicals on the delicate skin of the face.

v. To improve the complexion and prevent the occurrence of acne and pimples on the skin.

How to clean the face properly?

A quick wash can be harmful to the skin. It is necessary to understand that face wash needs to be applied properly to gain clean & clear skin. Find out the correct way of cleaning the skin here-

i. Use lukewarm for cleaning the skin.

ii. Take a little amount of face wash onto the palm and massage it for few seconds, on the face with your fingertips. Rinse with water thoroughly.

iii. Prevent the application of face wash close to the eyes.

iv. Use the face wash that suits your skin type.

v. Use a skin toner after using a face wash.

vi. Moisturise the skin as soon as it is cleaned.

vii. Always cleanse your skin at night before going to bed. This will remove all the makeup particles that are left behind even after using a makeup remover.

viii. Choose the face wash with more of natural ingredients and fewer chemicals in it. Keep smiling Keep glowing!