Dry skin is a common problem. It happens due to the lack of moisture levels in our skin. Such problems tend to intensify during winter seasons, because of cold temperatures. The market often gives us some unique & best toners for dry skin, but it’s important to be wary about the contents of such products, with respect to one’s skin type.

Skin toners are variable. You might be looking for one that fits the problem you specifically have. For instance, if you have acne problems you’ll obviously look out for the best toners for acne prone skin in the market. Here we’ll go through the specifications of toners with references to certain products, so that you may have a clearer picture of what you need to buy when the need arises.

How to pick a toner for your skin problem? 

First of all, know your skin type. If you choose a humectant-based product for oily skin issues, you’ll only raise the issue since your skin doesn’t need more hydration or oil. Here we’ll emphasize on dry skin types to understand why toners should be picked cautiously.

Dry skin leads to cracks, fine lines, wrinkle formation, irritation, itchiness & many more. You’d in-fact witness extreme redness & cold burns during harsh winters. This leads to severe pigmentation problems that become tricky to solve.

To cure such a problem you’d want to get a toner that’s good at clearing dark & distorted patches from skin. But how do we judge a toner based on such attributes? It’s simple!

Let’s have a look at the Damascena Rose Toner Vitamin C. It’s a recommendable toner to treat pigmentation issues & especially dry skin. 

But how do we know that?


First know its properties

Know your product’s properties first. For instance, the aforementioned product contains a rich dose of vitamin C. This vitamin is renowned in skincare for having immense anti-inflammatory, healing & moisturizing properties. It does the job perfectly for dry skin types. If there are such properties in any product, you’ll know that you’ve got one of the best toners for sensitive skin. Usually dry skin is sensitive & reacts towards environmental stresses quickly.

Understand the ingredients

It’s crucial to know the composition of ingredients before confirming what you’re going to use. If we were to look at the Damascena Rose Toner | Pore Minimiser, we’ll find that the ingredients are specific to certain demands or issues faced by dry skin types.

It contains Damascena rose extracts, glycerin & extra doses of vitamin C


Together these ingredients boost the production of natural oil in skin. Furthermore there are humectant properties that lock appropriate water levels, so that excess amounts aren’t contained. It has anti-inflammatory properties, enabling the solution to dig inside pores, to remove the remnants of dead skin cells & excess oil accumulations. This reduces acne problems too!

Know how to use

Ignorance in this aspect will increase the severity of any skin problem that you have. Let’s take the example of face masques. It’s supposed to be used only twice or thrice a week. Using it everyday will wipe off all essential nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins from your skin. So, whenever someone uses a product, it’s important to realise whether the person can use it everyday or not.

Natural based skincare creams or lotions are tested to be alright. However, with serums, toners & masques consumers should be wary about moderation.

What can we conclude?

Let’s start by saying that the market is so vast, one simply becomes blind to the abundance of products that he/she is looking for. But the things discussed above are simple & can probably be noticed by the common observer. In other words, you don’t need to be a critical thinker to understand which products to use.

To choose the best toners for dry skin, just understand your skin type, the problem you have, the ingredients you need & the healing properties your skin requires. Under these parameters you’re all set to go.