When skin becomes flawlessly smooth, clear and adequately moisturized, it tends to create a shiny appearance, resembling much like the surface of glass. We call this glass skin. There are various tips to get glass skin, but to do it correctly is what matters most.

Asian regions profoundly explored the concept of inheriting natural extracts to treat skin and obtain an ethereal-shiny appearance. There are various Korean methods that delve into herbal formulations to treat skin and give that outstanding glow. The process to get Korean glass skin can be simplified if one understands what kind of methods or natural skin care products he/she needs to use.

Let’s consider the example of Centella Asiatica, also known as Cica. The ingredient is highly revered in Korean skincare for restoration properties. The ingredient delays premature aging symptoms and strengthens the skin’s defence mechanisms. Here we’ll have a look at some of the best ways to get glass skin and also look at some ideal Korean glass skin products that serves satisfactory outcomes.

Cleansing and exfoliation

Skin cleansing is a must when it comes to treatments. Korean skin care techniques have emphasized on this initial step by introducing double cleansing solutions. Clear and appropriately cleansed skin absorbs vitamins or ingredients, in a better way.

With a good cleansing solution, we can get rid of

  • Harmful impurities
  • Dirt
  • Dead skin cells
  • Excessive oil
  • Infection causing bacteria

In addition to this it freshens the skin and allows it to breathe.

Exfoliating skin can reduce the layers of dead skin and further enhance the process of cleansing. But it’s worth noting that overdoing may cause unnecessary outcomes. So, it’s best to exfoliate the skin with organic products for only twice or thrice a week. By creating such moderations one can avoid the risk of ending up with rough or dry skin.

Toners and moisturisers

One of the primary reasons why skin doesn’t attain the glass-like appearance is because of excessive roughness and dryness. In this case, toners and moisturisers become an essential part of our skincare regimen. Usually people avoid using toners because they fear it would dry up the skin. But Korean skincare techniques have led to the formation of toners that serves as moisture-enhancers too.

To elaborate further, such methods introduced the concept of using certain natural ingredients that help the skin to

  • Absorb more nutrients
  • Maintain adequate pH levels
  • Keep the skin hydrated for an elongated period of time
  • Retain sufficient moisture levels
  • Minimise pores to make skin smoother

We have worked in-depth to understand such Korean formulations and come up with products that show high efficacy rates. The Cica range of products was created, derived from Korean formulations. By understanding the combination of ingredients, how to create moisturizing solutions and keep nutritional levels sufficiently balanced,


Such ways taught us to use ingredients like green tea, floral water and galactomyces to provide hydration and sufficient pH levels to skin. Cica Healing Kit from Inveda focuses on natural ingredients that serve similar purposes. The healing day and night creams protects skin throughout the day. It’s also an effective overnight healer.

The face wash serves itself as a double cleanser that not only clears the skin but also provide nutrients like proteins and anti-oxidants. Citric acid, niacinamide, cocoa, almonds, all work together to treat the skin and protect it from recurring problems. Products suit all skin types. So, it doesn’t any threat to skin.

Use face masks

It’s one of the simplest and most revered ways in skincare. It accomplishes all the tasks to soothe skin, cleanse, provide moisture and get rid of damaged features. Natural face masks work best because there aren’t any probabilities of side effects.

We provide a wide range of face masks derived from Korean and French formulations. It’s designed to treat problems of acne and delay premature symptoms of aging. Try the Whitening and Brightening Cryo Mask. As the name suggests, it’s a great solution to brighten skin and get that glass-like appearance in a relatively lesser amount of time.

The French Red Clay Masque is yet another great option. It focuses on different problematic features of the skin, for instance, excessive sebum levels. It reduces the excess amounts, maintains adequate levels of moisture/nutrition and gives the skin a unique glow that lasts throughout the day.

So, we’ve gone through the basic foundation of Korean skincare. It basically emphasizes on cleaning the skin and at the same time provide the essential nutritional value with moderate levels. While these are ideal products and tips to get glass skin, one should always be wary about following his/her skincare regimen. In other words, one should be aware about what should be practiced regularly and how to use certain products in a controlled way. It’s also important not to force things to get results.

People should be comfortable with their routine. As much as the regimen matters, it’s also important to keep peace of mind. The perfect natural shine can eventually be obtained by ensuring a healthy routine, consuming the appropriate diet and using natural products that are designed to suit your skin. Ingredients derived from Korean formulations usually suit all skin types, including sensitive ones. The aforementioned products are all derived from such formulations to meet the exact requirements of people and hence provide the best regarding anyone’s skincare regimen.