Acne is a common problem. It happens when the body undergoes hormonal changes. Skin tends to develop symptoms that lead to inflammation. Here we’ll firstly have a look at the main cause of acne. Secondly, we’ll go through 4 simple steps to reduce acne straight from the comfort of your home. Let’s proceed.

3 main causes of acne


Over-productive oil or sebaceous glands

When these glands work more than they are supposed to, skin gets overwhelmed by excessive oil levels. It gets clogged inside pores & accumulates inside skin. This leads to inflammation, causing pimples & other acne problems.

Bacterial infection

When there are extreme points in skin’s condition, the rate of vulnerability increases. For instance, dry skin doesn’t contain antioxidants, whereas oily skin subdues them. This makes the infiltration of bacteria very fatal for skin.

In such cases you become prone to microbial-infection, therefore leading to several problems like blackheads, whiteheads, nodules & so on.

Exhaustion of skin cells

Cells play a vital part for the protection & healing of skin. Excessive or abnormal loss of skin cells create the issue of clogged pores. In other words, dead cells accumulate with excess oil & sebum inside pores. This leads to heightened inflammation & further results in dark or distorted patches/spots on skin.

Now, we know the 3 major problems of acne. But how do we deal with it? Well, it isn’t really difficult to understand remedial methods/solutions. Let’s check out the 4 simple yet very effective ways to easily treat acne at home, with special reference to the Anti Acne Gel Cream Masque.

Before we proceed it’s important to note that evading the problem of acne is quite impossible. This is because we cannot escape the natural transitions of our body. However, we can always treat such problems naturally to counter the effects & maintain a healthier state.

4 steps to reduce acne


Remove oil & dead skin cells

If you’ve got oily skin then this should be the first step in your skincare regimen. Removing excess oil & dead cells is essential because you’ll unclog pores then. This eventually reduces inflammation that’s prevalent on your skin.

The Anti Acne Gel Cream Masque is suitable because after applying the masque & keeping it for 15-20 minutes, you’re allowing the solution to seep into your skin. In this sustained time-period the masque becomes part of all the accumulated compounds that aren’t required. It sticks to dead cells & absorbs the oil. Finally, when you wash it off the masque remarkably takes away all that it got attached to, making your skin clear & oil free.


Well, removing moisture is one thing, but maintaining adequate levels of oil is another! If skin is faced with a lack of oil, dryness would prevail. This will further lead to acne problems because skin becomes weak towards bacterial infection. But, this is where the aforementioned masque comes in handy.

It contains Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B3 that acts as a humectant. When you let the masque rest on your face, niacinamide makes sure to entrap moisture outside the clogged pores & breakouts. So, when you wash it off, necessary oil levels get absorbed, keeping skin adequately moisturized as you rinse away the excess amounts.

Avoid touching your face

Stop touching your face too much. Acne-prone skin gets irritated frequently. Unnecessary touching will increase the amount of acne scars or spots on your face. It also lets dirt & other forms of impurities reach your skin.

Simply Acne Treatment Kit as a part of your daily skincare routine. If this is maintained acne will disappear in no time.

Eat health & exercise

As much as skincare products matter in resolving such issues, maintaining a healthy way of life is also a core factor. Eat things that suit your body & skin. Avoid too much oily food, increase the intake of vitamins like B, B3 & C. Go out for morning walks or practice Yoga in the morning. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will sustain the results that the previously mentioned products gave you.

So, to conclude

In this manner anyone can get rid of acne problems easily at home, without having to fret about side effects or satisfactory results. This assurance comes from the fact that such products are completely paraben-free. Paraben is one of the most common chemicals used in cosmetic/beauty products & is dermatologically proven to result in negative side-effects.

Inveda specializes in natural products that pose no threat & are result-oriented. So, it’s a worthy decision to always use nature to counter the problems of nature itself. Like the hormonal problem of acne that we’ve discussed here, use skincare products that contain powerful healing, antimicrobial & antioxidant properties.