Vitamin E is an important nutrient that is required by our body. You will really be astonished on getting to know the benefits of this vitamin. It is easily available in fruits and nuts and can do wonders to your body, skin and hair. Due to its astonishing benefits, it finds a place in most of the skin care products and cosmetics.

It is available in the form of oil and capsule form. The benefits of this single nutrient are extraordinary. Find out here the superpowers of this vitamin-

1. Cures Various Skin Disorders– Skin disorders are mainly due to irregular consumption of nutrients or low immunity of the body. Treat skin rashes and diseases like eczema with vitamin e oil and vitamin enriched food.

2. Lightens skin marks– It has the power to lighten the scars and marks on the skin. It can also diminish dark circles, dark spots and fine lines to give you a younger looking skin. Reverse your age with an anti-ageing cream enriched with vitamin E or by applying vitamin E capsules on the skin. This oil is rich in antioxidants that work effectively towards slowing down the process of ageing.

3. Increases the shine of the hair– Vitamin E oil heals and repairs the damaged follicles of hair. It promotes hair growth by improving the blood circulation of the scalp. Get silky and shiny hair with a hair oil enriched with vitamin E. Just a regular hot oil massage and you will get healthy shiny hair.

4. Cleanses Skin– Clean off the dirt, dust and sweat accumulated on the skin with some vitamin e oil. Take some oil in a bowl and dab a cotton ball in it. Clean your face with this cotton ball and rinse with a mild cleanser. Repeat regularly and get the soft and supple skin.

5. Prevents Skin Cancer– Skin cancer is mainly caused due to the harmful rays of the sun. Vitamin E oil can act as a protective shield against the sun rays. Just apply oil containing vitamin E as a major nutrient before going out in the sun and prevent skin cancer.

Some foods that are rich in Vitamin E are given below. Eating these foods can help your body become strong and healthy.

1.   Almonds

2.   Spinach

3.   Avocado

4.   Peanut Butter

5.   Dried Apricots

6.   Kiwi

7.   Papaya

The hectic lifestyle has made maintaining healthy body a big concern. Eating healthy food is one way of being healthy and happy. So eat good food and stay healthy always! Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!