How to take care of oily skin while travelling or we can say travel skin care tips, one and the same thing. Everyone in their life once think about how to pack skincare for travel. As you all know while travelling, your skin may react differently. But really is it your skin to blame travel skin care tips for acting up. 

Certain changes that you go through while travelling is: –


Travelling means your schedule has been changed, you sleep and wake up at different times. As well as become totally ignorant of your skincare regime.


Travel involves a lot of stress that instantly affects your physiology, which means your skin is affected.


Your itinerary can easily disturb your usual diet plan. It is mandatory to adapt to whatever you’re eating.


Climate is the major factor which affects your skin. Additionally, the skin has to undergo various climate changes to adjust to higher or lower humid levels. Sunlight, temperature, and air pressure all are responsible.

Obviously taking care of your skin is trouble-free when you’re not travelling as everything is within your reach. Here are some of the tips with you can make your journey more beautiful with travel skin care tips.

Keep the below things in mind before travelling

Take it easy- 

Tone down drying or excess oily skin before leaving. Pamper your skin with good face packs which suits according to your skin type. Also, do not forget to exfoliate as it helps to remove excess dirt and dead skin cells from the skin. Apply moisturizer after that.

Pack the essentials-

Do not forget to pack your necessary essentials. Your Natural Cleanser, herbal moisturizer, toner, and sunscreen with high SPF are the few products among many. These are the basics to take care of your skin.

Body odour- 

Take a shower before you go out, use antiperspirants and body odour. Smell good and feel good. It is always pleasing standing near the one who is smelling good.

Avoid bad breath- 

Eat a mint or any mouth freshener which you like while travelling to avoid bad breath.

Clean clothing- 

Wear clean fresh clothes while travelling. You may be unaware of smell coming out of your clothes but your fellow travelers can easily smell. Wear fresh socks and clean footwear to make sure to avoid any bad smell. You might not able to smell your body odor but others can.

Wash your face-

Always carry a face wash small in size in your bag. Wash your face at least once a day to maintain skin hygiene of your skin. Oily and greasy skin easily invites pimples or acne.

Hair care-

Have a clean and fresh hair with a pleasant smell. Do not load your hair with an oil or any dirt, it is not only unpleasant for your fellow members but for you as well, as it can damage your hair quality. Follow basic rules of skin care and hygiene to make your travel experience pleasant. Take care!