Arrowroot is also known as ‘Ararot’ in Hindi. It is a native plant to south America and the scientific name of it is MarantaArundinaceae. Arrowroot plant grows to a height of 3 to 5 feet and has large flat leaves. Arrowroot starch extracted from the roots of the plant which is fine, odourless, and clear white. It is very similar to cornstarch but is more absorbent and fine, hence making it more suitable forfood industries. It has no gluten and is best substitute for flour. This wonderful powder has many benefits on skin, health, and hair. It is one of the best natural beauty products.

Aids Digestion- Arrowroot is the best remedy for diarrohea and replaces nutrients and also regulates the bowel movement.

Good For Infants- As it is easily digestible therefore it is very good for infants. It can be used as an alternative for breast milk.

Gluten-Free- It is very good for those people who are allergic to gluten and corn. Being gluten free, it can be used as a substitute for flour.

Beneficial For Weight Loss- It is very low in calories. You can use arrowroot in sauces and other food products without worrying about weight gain.

As Baby Powder- It is widely used in baby talcum powder especially in America. As it is light in weight and gives fresh smooth feel.

Sweat Absorber- It is used in cosmetic powder as well because it can easily absorb moisture. It is perfect for the hot season.

Boosts Immunity- Arrowroot boosts your immunity system by increasing the production of immunity cells. It helps you to stay away from diseases.

Used In Hair Dyes- As it is very good in mixing with other products and has excellent thickening, it is often used in hair dyes. The nutrition contained in it make it more useful for hair. You need to makes a mixture of arrowroot powder and few drops of essential oil. Apply this mixture to the roots of your hair and then rinse off. It is used as a dry shampoo.

For Athlete’s Foot- It has great antifungal property, hence not able to pass moisture. It absorbs foot moisture.

Herbal Treatment– Arrowroot is considered as herbal treatment for treating chickenpox and Gangrene.

Excellent Healer- Arrowroot is applied topically to treat ulcers and wounds as it has excellent healing properties.

Now you know all the benefits of arrowroot. Please try to use this wonderful ingredient and enjoy the benefits of this natural ingredient. Enjoy life and be Beautiful.