Whiteheads generally appear on the T point and under the lip area. It is because of clogged pores with packed sebum and bacteria. People with oily skin have such kind of whiteheads. As oily skin has overactive sebum production and they are most afflicted with whiteheads. So rather than sitting and getting troubled, try to find out the solution that how you can get a smooth nose. Hope with this guide you will be able to know that what to do or not to, to remove them.

Ok, first let’s understand, what is whitehead? Whiteheads are clogged pores beneath which you find dead skin cells, oil and bacteria. These clogged pores shape up in little acne. From outside it looks like a little white bump.

Whiteheads are white in colour because the top part is not exposed to oxygen and blackheads are black in colour as the top part is open, hence exposed to oxygen and is oxidized. Blackheads are actually white underneath.

There are some easy and simple ways that you can try at home to get rid of this pesky acne naturally.

Cleanliness– keep your skin clean and dry. Use facewash with salicylic acid hence it controls oil production. Try to use mild or natural face wash.

Steam– try to take steam to open the pores. Steam your face with hot water in a tub. After that wipe off with towel and tissue. Then scrub your face to clean the pores. You can use herbal face scrub for scrubbing.

Some home-made scrub remedy

Rosewater and oatmeal– mix 1 spoon of oatmeal in little rosewater. Make it a paste and scrub your face with this in a circular motion.Your main focus should be nose, forehead, and chin area. After sometime wash with water.

Lemon and honey– mix one tablespoon of honey with few drops of lemon juice. Gently rub the required area with this paste in a circular motion. And after that wash your face.

After scrubbing you can apply face mask of Multani mitti (fuller’s earth) and rosewater. Apply this paste to your face. Wait for 15 minutes or let dry naturally. Rinse off with plain water. Open pores can be closed with the help of this pack. You can also apply tomato pulp as it also helps to control excess oil. 

Things to remember:

 Always cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face twice a day. Use alcohol-free toner and light as well as a gel-based moisturizer.
 Do not touch you face very often.
 Seek professional help if you are more prone to whiteheads.
 Good food and daily exercise enhance your beautiful skin. Drink lots of water and eat healthy is the key to stay beautiful.

Follow these steps and stay happy and beautiful.

Take care!