Ice cube is the most understated product. It works as a lifesaver in this terribly hot weather. Ice cube in our regular drinks seems to quench our thirst of a lifetime. But do you know that it has wonderful properties that do magic to the skin of yours? It is easy to make, pocket-friendly and extremely flexible. Using ice cube on your skin has commendable benefits. Let’s find out some of the benefits of ice cubes for face.

1. Effective on sunburns– Sunburns ruin the beauty of skin and are painful too. You can try Aloe and cucumber on the affected skin. But what if, they are not available. Not to worry you have ice cube. Wash your skin and pat dry with a towel. Wrap some ice cube in a clean towel or plastic bag. Apply this to the affected skin till it melts. It will definitely soothe your sunburns.

2. Good for puffy eyes– Any type of cold packs is good for puffy or tired eyes. As the skin around the eyes is too sensitive, it is suggested that do not use cubes for a long duration. Make ice cubes with plain water. Wrap the cubes in a clean cloth or plastic bag. Place the cubes near eyes for the short period and immediately wipe with a clean towel. Make sure your face is very much clean when you try this remedy.

3. Delay fine lines and wrinkles– These fine lines and wrinkles make you look dull. But it is inevitable. Ice cubes can help you to look young by locking the moisture that keeps your skin well hydrated. Wash your face first with fresh water. Wrap some ice cube in a neat towel and glide over your face till the cubes melt. It will tighten the skin and pores. 

4. Natural primer– Oh my god, you must be surprise to know that these small cubes can work as a primer as well. This is budget friendly and temporarily diminish pores so that you can apply make-up on this smooth canvas. You need to rub ice cube for about few seconds and your canvas is ready for make-up.

5. Gives you oil free skin– Oily skin irritates you a lot. You might want to wipe off regularly these oil with tissues. As oily skin can cause many skin issues such as Acne, pimples, etc. but friends worry not an ice cube is all the solution. Place an ice cube on your face wrapped in a clean towel. You need to gently rub your skin with this. Make sure that your face is washed before you rub cubes.

Now that you know the uses and benefits of ice cubes so what to for. Try this at home without worrying. Also, it is recommended to use ayurvedic skincare products to avoid any side-effects. Surely you will love it.
Take care!