It is very important to keep your face clean whether you have acne or not. Wash your face twice in a day with good ayurvedic face wash to remove impurities and extra oil from the skin’s surface. This simple method not only helps you to stay away from acne problems but also enhances your natural beauty. Try these easily available fruits to get simply beautiful and glowing skin which enhances your beauty from outside and within.

1. Avocado: Not only moisturizes the skin deeply but also protects it from harmful UV rays , reduces sun tan, treats acne and prevents skin aging. Use can use Avocado pulp straight on to the skin. It is very good for sensitive skin. You can also use a cream containing Avocado extracts. Eat this wonderful fruit to derive many other health benefits as well.

2. Strawberry: Strawberries are good source of Vitamin C which helps in improving the complexion and provide protection from can use strawberries as face masks and also eat directly. This fruit is fully loaded with nutrients which not only revitalize the skin but also provide wide range of health benefits like, protecting the heart, maintains blood sugar level, boost immunity and fight inflammation. So, friends try to add this fruit as part of your life and enjoy beauty with joy.

3. Orange: One cannot have tired of talking about the health, skin and hair benefits of orange. Orange is fully loaded with Vitamin C, which is very effective for skin. One can use fruit itself, juice and orange peels, to avail wide range of benefits. It has antioxidants which fight free radicals and prevent aging. Treat dark spots and blemishes. One can use dry peels as body scrub by grinding them into the fine powder. Citric acid present in Orange is very effective in drying away acne. One can also use the face mask of orange extracts to get a pimple free and glowing skin. It has skin whitening properties also and is a great toner that maintains the oils of the skin. It rejuvenates dull skin, gives the radiant glow to the skin.

4.Watermelon (tarbooz): Watermelon is the fruit which combats the scorching heat. It has been the first on the list of favourite fruits since childhood. It does wonders on to the skin and hair. It is a good source of Vitamin c which keeps skin supple and strengthens the hair. Lycopene and beta-carotene protect the skin from sunburn and later prevent certain skin conditions like psoriasis and vitiligo. Presence of vitamin A repairs and creates new cells. Not only this, eating this fruit provide several other health benefits like preventing heat stroke, boosts energy level, prevents cell damage, strengthens immunity, aids weight loss, controls blood pressure. This fruit is good in other ways as well.

Try to add these fruits to your daily diet to get beautiful skin and good health. And always try to use Natural beauty products loaded with lots of fruit ingredients. Take care!