Blemish is nothing but small marks on the skin that ruins the look or appearance of the skin. Generally, blemishes occur after an age of 30 but if you don’t take good care of your skin, you can suffer from this issue in your mid-20s as well. All those who have been enjoying their flawless skin can become really tense with such skin issues.

Blemishes occur as a result of excess oil production and pimples. The marks on the skin are due to these pimples and blackheads. When the skin pores get clogged with dirt, dust, impurities and excess oil, blemishes tend to appear on the skin.

In this age of cosmetics and expensive beauty products, it can be really difficult to choose the correct product for our skin. What can be really annoying are the irritating side effects of these products on the skin. To get rid of all these issues, one must switch to homemade natural solutions. You can do away with the skin irritations and expensive costs along with the main issue of blemishes by opting for home-made remedies. We have brought to you some solutions that you can easily prepare and apply at home.

1. Egg whites– The white portion of the egg is really helpful in clearing off blemishes. It contains enzymes that can help in the lightening of skin marks or blemishes. You just need to apply egg white on your face. And leave it for 10 minutes. Once the pack dries, wash with water and apply moisturiser.

2. Aloe Vera Gel– The restorative and nourishing quality of aloe vera makes it an apt solution to this problem. The antioxidants present in aloe vera heal and brighten the skin. To do so, take some aloe vera gel out of the leaf. Apply it on the blemishes and leave for 2-5 minutes. Rinse with water and moisturise.

3. Honey– Honey is a natural humectant and thus is used for natural skin treatments. It repairs the damaged skin cells and refreshes the skin. Just apply a layer of raw honey on the skin for around 15 minutes regularly and notice a positive change in your skin.

4. Lemon juice– Lemon juice is known for its skin brightening and lightening effects on the skin. This takes away the dark spots and blemishes from the skin. Apply fresh lemon juice on the skin and leave for around 10 minutes. Wash with water and nourish. You might feel a slight irritation after applying lemon juice. So, people with sensitive skin should dilute the juice before applying it.

5. Curd Pack– Curd is one ingredient that has lactic acid in it and can nourish the skin with its thick consistency. It clears the skin and removes all the blemishes and dead skin from the face. Apply curd on the skin for few minutes. Wash off with water. 

Do take care that whatever you use is mild on your skin and you are not allergic to that element. The remedies given here are simple to perform and can give you a beautiful face. Keep smiling keep glowing!