Your skin is mainly determined by genetics but the nutrients and vitamins from your diet also affect your skin. Your daily intake of balanced diet gives you supple and fresh skin and also reduces signs of aging. Therefore, it is suggested to eat 2 to 4 cups of vegetable foods each day. Here is the list of some of the foods when eaten raw.

1. Spinach– The presence of antioxidants and Vitamin A, K, & C helps to prevent signs of aging. It promotes healthy and fresh skin. It keeps your skin hydrated all day. Phytonutrients present in spinach protect skin from sun damage. Try to get 2 cups of leafy vegetables per week.

2. Beetroot– Beetroot is known as a potent cleanser which cleanses deep-seated impurities from the blood. If you have cleaner blood it obviously reflects on your healthy skin. Beetroot is loaded with iron, minerals, and nutrients help you to have clear and glowing skin. Drink a glass of beetroot juice regularly to have healthy skin.

3. Tomato– It is a powerhouse of nutrients. It is a good source of protein which helps to repair skin cells. Tomato is loaded with niacin, vitamin C, and lycopene which provide lots of skin and health benefits. It works as a natural astringent helps to shrink pores, reduces acne, remove tan, and freshen your skin naturally.

4. Carrots– Carrots are the good source of vitamin and biotin which helps to rejuvenate new cells. Presence of antioxidants support good health and fight inflammation. Vitamin A in carrots support good vision. Carrot gives you a healthy glow and promotes good health. It also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. There is lots of reason to add this wonder veggie to your diet.

5. CucumberCucumber is full of water content. Helps you to keep hydrated all day. It is very good for its cooling effect, reduces inflammation, and fight irritated skin. It improves complexion and gives you fairer skin. Eating or applying topically, cucumber is loaded with full of skincare benefits. It works miraculously on dark circles under eyes if placed sliced pieces on each eye. It is advised to eat cucumber almost daily. 

Add these veggies to your daily diet to get a spotless and glowing skin. Being natural means stay away from any side effects. Health and beauty benefits of these veggies are abundant. Try to use natural skincare products only. Keep glowing and be natural!