We all are real fans of glowing beautiful skin. And if we are lucky enough to get this type of skin from spending really less amount, it becomes really worth using. Such is the case with natural fruits and plant extracts. These things are easily available and are best for the skin. Since the benefits of using fruit extracts are way more than using cosmetics, these are being used as important ingredients of top skin care products.

One such fruit is kiwi that is yummy to taste and is brown in colour on the outer side. The inner green pulp is the part that contains nutritious value and is purely enriched with vitamins. In fact, it is enriched with more amount of vitamin c than oranges. This definitely is the reason behind many benefits for the skin that kiwi provides!

How does it help the skin?

1. Improves skin complexion– Clean and clear complexion is one good thing that everybody wants. Even people with fair complexion keep working on making it better than before. Kiwi is one fruit that has the ability to remove toxins from the skin and clears the system. This, in turn, provides clear healthy complexion.

2. Fights ageing– All the growing faces know the pain of the wrinkles, blemishes and dark circles on their face. Nobody can understand better how awful ageing feels like. Kiwi is one healthy option that prevents the signs of ageing and works towards reducing the existing flaws in the facial skin. This is possible due to omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants present in this tangy fruit.

3. Acne Fighter– The skin affected by acne can be treated with kiwi. It controls the sebum and skin oil production which is responsible for the popping up of acne on the face. It takes away the redness and brings down the level of inflammation of acne. Thus, it fights acne efficiently.

4. Young and fresh skin– The refreshed look is the most pleasing to the eyes of a person. A dull and tired face is something that is unavoidable in circumstances with too much work and too less rest and sleep. Kiwi can help by providing essential vitamins to the skin and body which are responsible for giving a youthful look.

How to use Kiwi to make the skin better

1. Eat kiwi– Eating kiwi regularly drives off the harmful toxins out of the body and gives a beautiful & healthy skin.

2. Drink Juice– One glass of kiwi juice can supply the much-required vitamins to the skin.

3. Kiwi Smoothie– The tangy and yummy kiwi can also be consumed by blending with curd to get glowing skin.

4. Kiwi Face Pack– A natural face pack made at home with kiwi can really help. Plus it is easy to make and apply.

5. Kiwi Face mask– Mashing a kiwi and applying onto the face leads to the rejuvenated fresh skin.

6. Kiwi Slices– Using kiwi slices to rub on the skin can help in better skin quality and prevention from the harmful effects of the sun.

Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!