Beautiful skin is something that attracts everyone. Healthy skin appears beautiful & glowing and enhances our personality. But getting beautiful & healthy skin is no piece of cake. It needs lots of patience & time, especially in this polluted world.

Time is a big constraint which keeps one away from the healthy skin. This is because we need to invest our time in taking care of our body. Along with time, we need good quality skin care products which we can use to nourish our skin and make it look better. Other than skin care products there are other ways which can help you achieve flawless skin. These ways are-

1) Natural Remedies– Natural herbs like turmeric, coconut oil, neem, rosewater etc. can protect against the harmful pollutants present around us. These herbs are capable of restoring the freshness & beauty of our skin.

2) Good & Healthy Food– Fresh food like fruits, green vegetables, dry fruits, etc. can supply the needed nutrients in the body that in turn make the skin healthy.

3) Lots Of Water– Drinking lots of water keeps the skin hydrated. So it is good to drink 8 glasses of water.

4) Yoga– Yoga is a natural way of keeping our body healthy. It is an age-old way to keep our body healthy and strong. Yoga is advised in the Vedas.

Let us take a look at yoga asanas to get beautiful skin

1. Bhujangasana– This is a yoga asana which is also known as Cobra pose. This pose helps in supplying oxygen to the skin cell that contributes a lot towards healthy skin.

How to do it

Lie down on the stomach and place the shoulders on the floor. Inhale while moving your head up and exhale while bringing down your head. Make sure you lift only the half part of your body till the navel.

2. Tadasana– It is a very easy to do yoga posture. It is also known as the mountain pose. In this yoga, we focus on breathing and that makes our skin very healthy.

How to do it

Stand straight. Let the feet be flat and the toes touching each other. Keep the heels a little apart. Now raise your hands in Namaste pose on top of your head along with your head. Stay in this pose for around 1 minute.

3. Pranayama– Pranayama is all about breathing exercises. These exercises can keep the skin beautifully healthy. One such breathing exercise is kapalbhati.

How to do it

Fold your legs and sit on the ground. Now inhale softly and exhale forcefully. Keep doing it for around 30 seconds to a minute.

Note that this exercise not only makes the skin glowing but also helps in increasing stamina, obtaining flat belly & solving digestion problems.

Keep smiling. Keep Glowing!