Hair loss is a major problem these days. Almost every second person suffers from hair loss. Various precautions are taken to eradicate this problem but hardly anyone finds out the answer to the hair loss problem. Let me tell you using oils, hair masks, hair creams, etc. will fail to serve you until you get to know what your hair and scalp demands. The common measures that are recommended might not work well for you as the reactions differ from body to body and depend on different body conditions.

Let us find out some reasons that are behind hair loss. Try to identify your reasons for hair fall by going through the list properly

1. Shortage of Protein-Protein is a nutrient which is responsible for the health of skin and hair. Hair growth is possibly better by greater intake of protein substances. In case you are not taking sufficient amount of protein, then this can be a major reason for hair fall.

2. Stress– Stress is very common these days. Every third person is suffering from stress and depression nowadays. If you are not doing anything to curb stress symptoms from your body, then hair fall is a reminder to start doing something!

3. Styling Treatment– If you love to stylize your hair and you keep on using styling tools like straightening irons, curling irons, etc. then you might be subject to hair fall. Treating hair in such a manner can damage hair and cause hair fall.

4. Medications and birth control pills– Several medicines and birth control pills can induce hair fall. Certain antidepressants also cause hair fall. The chemical reactions in the body caused by these medicines might be a reason behind your hair fall.

5. Scalp Infections– Infections and allergies like dermatitis and psoriasis can be the reason of hair loss which can be examined properly by a doctor. Try to consult a doctor if you are suffering from excessive itching and dryness on the scalp.

The points mentioned above should be sincerely observed to curb hair fall. In case, you do not have any clue about the vitamins, proteins and minerals important for hair growth, read my upcoming blog and I will be guiding you in this field. All those who are suffering from hair loss for more than 6 months, kindly consult a hair expert. Do not ignore the situation as healthy scalp is a part of the healthy body! Keep Smiling. Keep Glowing!