The essential oils are widely used these days for multiple benefits. The natural ingredients present in the oils are responsible for various types of healing done in our body. These Best Essential Oils can be called as the capital of nutrients.

The essential oils can also be used as a toner or moisturiser for better nourishment. The scents, texture, and lovely uses of essential oils put them in the category of must use products. Given below are the uses of various essential oils as per your skin type-

1- Orange Oil- This oil moisturises the skin and deeply nourishes it. The best-known benefits of this oil are as follows-
1) Reduces skin inflammation
2) Boosts Immunity
3) Helps in curing mouth ulcers.
4) Reduces signs of ageing
5) Can deodorise body

2- Avocado Oil- You can get the goodness of avocado through this oil. This oil is known for its beauty miracles. Other than the beauty benefits, it is also popular for other benefits which are given below-
1) Good for heart
2) Good for the detoxification of the body
3) Benefits hair growth
4) Helpful in weight management
5) Reduces the symptoms of arthritis.

3- Almond Oil- We are all aware of the good qualities of almonds. We are always told to eat almonds since our childhood. Let us discuss how can we benefit ourselves by using almond oil now-
1) Reduces Tanning
2) Treats dandruff
3) Good for maintaining nails and cuticles
4) Provides energy
5) Treats Constipation

4- Lavender Oil- The moment we hear of lavender oil, we can feel the scent of lavender flowers. The oil is so mesmerising that we can’t forget its essence after using it. The benefits of this oil are-
1) Calms down body and mind
2) Aids sleep
3) Moisturises dry skin
4) Treats bleeding of nose
5) Brightens Complexion

5- Eucalyptus Oil- Derived from eucalyptus leaves, this oil has long lasting benefits. It has multiple surprising benefits for our body. Some of them are given below-
1) Reliefs from mental stress
2) Useful in aromatherapy
3) Reduces muscle pain
4) Treats Head lice
5) Helpful in curing tuberculosis

6- Tea Tree Oil- Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties due to which it is an essential constituent of medicines and beauty products. Following are the benefits of tea tree oil-
1) Cures fungal infections
2) Cures a sore throat
3) Maintains oral hygiene
4) Can be used for cleaning purposes
5) Treats Acne

Some of the major points to be kept in mind while using essential oils are-
1.Dilute the oil before using it.
2.Try not to use essential oils during pregnancy.
3.These products should not be within the reach of children.
4.Essential oils must be stored in places where there is no direct contact of sunlight.
5.First, test the oil on a small part of skin before applying all over the body.

List of other beneficial essential oils is given below-
1. Lemon essential oil
2. Ylang Ylang essential oil
3. Geranium essential oil
4. Lemongrass essential oil
5. Jasmine essential oil

Enjoy using these oils. Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!