Lipstick is one of the favourite beauty products of girls & ladies. It adds a tint of charisma and elegance on the face of a person. Even when one doesn’t have much time to apply makeup, simply using a lipstick can help a lot in looking striking hot. But many of us find it really tricky and end up applying lipstick in a weird way.

So here are some points that can really help you in applying lipstick. Just follow these tips and I am sure you will manage to look like a hot diva.

1. Preparation- Ensure that your lips are healthy & ready for makeup before applying any lipstick or lip gloss. The lips which are damaged and dry will not give the best effect of a lipstick. Thus, it is better to apply lipstick only when you have soft, smooth & healthy lips. Till then you can manage with a coloured lip balm.

2. Apply Foundation- Our lips need foundation or primer, just the way our skin does. So before starting the makeup for your lips use a good quality primer or foundation. Use the same foundation you use for your face as it blends well with your skin. This will make the application of lipstick better.

3. Lip Liner- After the primer,comes the turn of lip liner. Go with the lip liner that can define your lips very nicely. Nowadays there are many lip liners available. Choose the ones that are roll-on stick types. Such liners are easy to use. Always use a tone darker than your lips so that it lasts longer and defines your lips better. If you need to make your upper lip a little bigger, apply the liner outside your lip line. This makes your lips look equal and properly shaped. 
Just in case, you want your lips to look wider, apply the liner beyond the corner of your lips. Hide the unwanted outlined part with a primer.

4. Lipstick- The final step is to apply the lipstick. Choose the lipstick shade that suits your complexion beautifully. Highlight your looks with the lipstick that best suits you. Remember there are always a variety of lipstick colours for you. So keep on trying and matching with your lips. Apply the lipstick from the centre of your lips to the outer linings. Filling up the lip colour with a lip brush gives better application but it does take time. So whenever you are in a hurry, avoid using brushes. Redefine your lips with a second coat to ensure complete & proper application of lipstick.
Wipe off the extra lipstick with a tissue.

Points to remember-

i. Hydrate a lot. Drink a lot of water to maintain the moisture content in your lips. When the lips are dehydrated, they become dry & chapped.

ii. Keep nourishing your lips with the help of a good lip balm. Lip balm plays a crucial role in the care & maintenance of lips. Make a habit of using lips balm frequently and try to use a lip balm with sunscreen in it. Opt for a non-oily lip balm that prevents the sticking of dirt & dust.

iii. Make a habit of exfoliating your lips. Use a natural sugar scrub for removing the dead skin from the lips. Exfoliation is necessary as it gives an even texture and makes the lips perfectly ready for lipstick application.

iv. Always use the best beauty products because lips are very sensitive and need the best care. So, never compromise on quality. 
Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!