One need not worry much about treatment solutions at home, due to the availability of numerous gadgets/tools regarding skin care. We can judge the best beauty tools in the market by how effectively they treat skin conditions. Some of the efficient ones include micro-needling, micro-currents, light therapy, dermaplaning & many more.

These are professional skincare tools that dermatologists use for advanced forms of treatments. Here, we’ll look into such facial treatment tools, with some references towards natural ones as well. This would give us a broader idea about the effectiveness or usage of such treatment devices/tools for skin care.

Here are some highly favored tools in skin treatment processes


Microcurrent devices

Electrical currents tend to flow across cell membranes in skin & within muscles. Microcurrent devices increase the flow of such currents & promote blood circulation. It drains out toxins & dead cells, to minimize radical formations. Microcurrent devices also boosts wound-healing properties & stimulate collagen so that skin becomes soft, firm & evenly toned.


It is a process that stimulates both elastin & collagen to reduce the occurrence of pores, scars, blemishes, etc. The process uses small pinpricks that create micro-channels inside skin. Micro-needling kits usually come with complete products for treatment purposes, all the way from the head to the toe. Usually, there are differently sized roller heads, designed specifically for the head, toe, eyes, face & so on.

Light Therapy Devices

Such tools stimulate cells & trigger beneficial reactions by channeling light rays into skin. The process involves the use of red & blue light rays. Red light minimizes pores, inflammation & reduces puffiness. Blue light eliminates acne-causing bacteria and other radical forms that exist inside skin. These devices usually come in the form of electronic face masks. They are preferred within professional environments, like dermatological clinics. Such masks also help in lightening blemishes, evening out skin tone & preventing the formation of wrinkles.

Dermaplaning Devices

They are expert exfoliators. It deeply cleanses skin, removes the remnants of dead skin & makes skin an entirely clean canvas. While there are professional tools & ways to take such treatments, there are simple DIY solutions too. The mechanism here uses light sonic vibrations to exfoliate skin, and remove hair, impurities and all that you don’t want to see or feel on your face.


Jade Roller & Gua Sha Face Massaging Tools

These are natural tools used for treating skin problems. Jade roller & Gua Sha are extracted from stones containing incredible healing properties. Traditional Chinese skincare practices utilized such means. Right now, various parts of the world accepts & uses such tools, because of it’s natural benefits. It reduces puffiness & promotes lymphatic drainage. Lymph nodes remove toxins, impurities & dead cells much faster, when they operate quickly. It moreover carries WBCs that travel to-and-fro inside skin’s layers to fight against infectious substances. The Jade Roller & Gua Sha Face Massaging Kit is a convenient natural solution that enhances the effectiveness of other skincare products too!

  • Alleviates puffiness
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Removes toxins/impurities
  • Relaxes muscle tension
  • Promotes blood circulation

What have we learned?

So, we’ve gone through some of skin care’s highly preferred treatment tools, used both in clinical environments as well as at home. There are other tools that provide eye massaging, hair removal & cleaning solutions. The effectiveness and advanced mechanisms raise the relevance of such tools in the industry. For instance, the Gua Sha Stone doesn’t have any advanced working mechanism. Yet its beneficial features makes it highly revered

In a nutshell, such devices suit all skin types & treat a variety of conditions. We can actually regard the stone as one of the best facial tools of 2021, in the natural skincare market so far. You can