Retinol belongs to a broader category of Retinoids. It is a synthetic substance derived from Vitamin A & gets converted to retinoic acid through special enzymes, when applied on skin. Usually retinol creams or serums are lighter than the natural acid, so retinol serum for face becomes a handy and effective solution when it comes to treating acne, inflammation, early-aging & other skin problems.

Here we’ll look at some benefits of such serums. Retinol’s approved discovery back in the 1970’s primarily identified its effectiveness against acne problems. It minimizes pores & judging from the natural composition of the substance, retinol’s demand in the beauty & skincare industry rose exponentially. It isn’t also difficult to find the best retinol serums in the market. They are actually very cost-effective.

Here are some retinol serum for face benefits

Delays premature signs of aging

Enough research has been conducted over the years to prove how effective retinol is when it comes to the prevention of early aging signs. It contains another substance called tretinoin. This helps in reducing breakouts & improving skin’s elasticity. Serums containing such extracts also reduce the formation of wrinkles, age lines, expression lines & darkening patches on skin.

Fights acne

This is one of the primary benefits of such natural extracts. Retinol serum for acne has the potential to travel swiftly inside skin, enter pores & clear the remnants of dead cells along with excess oil that accumulates within them. The process minimizes skin inflammation, therefore minimizing acne problems. It also eliminates acne-causing bacteria, to further prevent the formation of such skin problems. 

Evens out skin tone

During the initial period of its discovery, retinol was identified as a substance that promotes cell regeneration. It improves cell turnover to compensate for the exhaustion of skin cells. It eventually rejuvenates skin, boosts immunity & restores the lost glossy texture. Dry and sensitive skin types benefit a lot from such attributes.

Regulates natural oil production in the body

Skin problems appear due to the absence or excess of natural oils produced by the body. Collagen is one of such, whose excess leads to acne problems. Melasma is another one, whose excess causes pigmentation. Retinol serums seep into skin to control such excesses & maintain a health state with adequate levels of the aforementioned fluids. 



  • Minimizes pores
  • Treats acne problems
  • Boosts cell regeneration
  • Lightens dark spots
  • Delays early aging signs
  • Prevents breakouts
  • Minimizes hyperpigmentation)

How to use such serums?

Dermatologists usually recommend people to use it 2-3 times a week. However, if skin does not feel too much irritation, one may then consider using the serum 4 nights a week.

Let’s end with a brief summary

Serums in skincare have a good reputation for treating skin problems. Nowadays, the preference of natural products over chemical-based ones have risen due to the effectiveness of products. When we talk about serums there’s a wide range in the market. For instance, Inveda’s range of Rasa serums are made up of natural extracts like niacinamide, bakuchiol, alpha arbutin, salicylic acid & more.


Each product has unique benefits, like the retinol serum for face that we discussed here. Niacinamide is a natural hydrator that entraps water from air & absorbs excesses from pores. Alpha Arbutin is non comedogenic in nature & efficiently lightens dark patches/blemishes on skin.

Likewise, there are more serums that address different issues. During the harsh winters season skin frequently gets dry, so it becomes highly important to keep moisturizing to boost immunity & prevent severe problems such as hyperpigmentation. Just acknowledge your own skin type & the specification of products/serums you’ve got & you’re good to go!