Gram flour is known as Besan in Hindi. It is a simple ingredient that has the power to enhance the beauty of skin. It can be easily used at home for getting rid of unwanted body issues. Besan is an important ingredient in many Indian dishes and rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, beta-carotene, etc.

Eating dishes made of besan can give your tummy a good amount of fibre content. It is light and easily digestible. It is good for our digestive system and can be really helpful in weight management. It has several other benefits for our body. Let us explore these benefits-

1. Helps in reducing Anaemia– Anaemia is basically the deficiency of iron. Some symptoms of anaemia are pale skin, fatigue, dizziness, weakness, headache, etc. Besan is rich in iron and thus can supply iron to the body.

2. Removes Tan– Whenever you get sun-kissed, don’t forget to use besan on your skin. It can be easily applied in the form of a home-made face pack. Just take some besan and add lemon juice, curd and turmeric to it. Mix the ingredients properly. Apply on the face and on all the sun-kissed areas. Wash it off when the paste dries off.

3. Bone Strength– Besan is rich in calcium which is responsible for making our bones strong and healthy. Consuming more besan can give your bones better strength.

4. Removes dead skin cells– Dead skin cells need to be removed from time to time. Besan can be used as a perfect natural body scrub. It is natural and does not cause any irritation or trouble to the skin. Mix some oats and corn flour in some besan. Add some raw milk and form a paste of the ingredients. Apply this like a face pack or scrub. Remove the dead skin cells along with extra sebum and dirt with this scrub.

Besan is simple to use and is easily available in our homes. Using gram flour on the skin and the body can give you wonderful results. Do try it! Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!