I feel after diamonds and flowers, makeup is the next good friend of girls. Makeup is something that every girl loves and wants to be excelled at. So we are here with some make tips that can really help you. Here are some must-know tips that contribute towards making you look beautifully flawless in every possible way.

The list goes on like this

1. Include a primer– Primer has to be the first product to be applied after a moisturizer. It creates a perfect base for makeup to make yourself a master piece. It helps in better application of makeup and should always be matching to your foundation or concealer.

2. Use a bb cream– After applying primer, use a bb cream. It is better to use one single product instead smudging too many products on the face. The application is simple and a natural BB cream is available in your matching skin tone.

3. Don’t forget the face powder– Use a face powder to give the complete even look to your face. Apply it after you are done with the makeup base, foundation, concealer or BB cream.

4. Blush baby– Applying blush can be little difficult but it definitely makes the cheeks pink & beautiful. Apply it with a brush and remove any excess of it by using a tissue paper against the cheeks.

5. Lift your eyebrow– Keep your eyebrows to notch with the help of an eyebrow pencil. Choose the colour of pencil according to the colour of your hair. Give it the desired shape to highlight the overall look.

6. Highlight the lips– A lipstick has the power to speak on behalf of our personality. Fill in lipstick in the centre part first and then to the ends. After filling in the lipstick, demarcate the lining of the lips with a lip liner.

7. Use makeup remover– Deal with the tough and stubborn makeup chemicals with a good makeup remover. The water-resistant makeup does not get off easily with water which can be harmful to the skin. A makeup remover can help in removing such things.

Points to remember

1. Do not share your makeup. Sharing makeup means borrowing and lending bacteria. This can lead to many infections.

2. People with sensitive skin should be particular about the time for which makeup is applied. Do not put the makeup on for longer hours, if your skin is not comfortable with it.

3. Makeup should be chosen carefully. Try to use such products that can be cleaned easily and are safe to use. Read the labels of the products to know what are you using on your skin.

Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!