Black tea is one of the most known beverages these days. It is consumed by a lot of people. This tea is made of leaves of Camellia sinensis. Black tea is made with the help of the process called oxidation in which leaves are oxidized by keeping them in the presence of moist oxygen. It has almost half amount of caffeine as in coffee.

Black tea is considered very healthy and is recommended to be drunk at least once a day. It is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols just like the green tea. When taken without sugar and milk, it is capable of treating many disorders. 

1. Better Digestion– Good bacteria can keep your body and digestive system healthy and disease free. Drinking black tea can aid better digestion. It prohibits the entry of bad bacteria and improves the number of good bacteria.

2. Reduces weight– The sedentary lifestyle can cause gaining of weight. Excess weight can cause many diseases which are harmful to the body and mind. In such cases, reducing weight is the best option. Drinking black tea can be the best and the easiest way to reduce weight.

3. Helpful in eliminating kidney stones– Drinking black tea can help in dissolving kidney stones which are formed by calcium and uric acid. 

4. Reduces stress– L- Theanine helps in better functioning of the brain and thus, increases the focus of the brain. L-theanine is an important constituent of the tea. Drinking black tea helps in the energising of mind and relaxing the body. It is a good way of reducing stress.

5. Good for mouth– Oral hygiene needs to be maintained at all costs. And a very easy way of maintaining oral health is black tea. Drink this tea with antioxidants and antibacterial properties and stay away from dental issues. 

6. Helpful in skin infections-The bacterial infections on the skin can be treated with the help of this tea. This is due to the presence of catechins and flavonoids. Enjoy beautiful skin with a cup of tea.

7. Anti-ageing effect– Black tea is rich in antioxidants which help in the protection of the skin. It can prevent wrinkles, dark circles on the face. I am sure you can get rid of wrinkles with black tea better than the application of beauty products on the skin.

Other benefits of black tea are

1. Protects the skin
2. Prevents Blemishes
3. Better Hair Growth

Do try one cup of black tea daily. Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!