Wanting to look gorgeous for an event and still wondering how? The elegance you want is a few simple tips away and the trick is to follow this through. Whether it’s a wedding function, an office party, or a reunion, your visual impression makes an impact in depicting your personality. 

Here are some simple ways to look good for events and add charisma to the evening:

1. Make that glow obvious: While you work on the inner happiness glow, an evening where your skin looks tired and dull can’t be compensated for with good clothes solely. Inveda’s ‘Glow and Radiance Blend’ helps your skin looks fresh and alive with organic ingredients. It helps improve skin texture and the richness of Lavender helps your skin feel fresh as well. Just a dab of a few drops and you look refreshing and joyous and your skin, happy!

2. Getting rid of the unnecessary: While this mantra is for life in general, it is very important for your skin to look good that you work on what it needs working on. Blemishes, Acne, Pigmentation, Dark Circles, and Bruises are only a few of the many problems that one might have. We suggest using Kumkumadi Tailam Face Scrub by Inveda, which is helpful cure to 9 major skin problems by healing all seven layers of the skin. It has 25 ingredients it that help improve skin texture and serve as a magical all-in-one -solution.

3. Eye care: With so much stress, hectic time schedules and such little rest, we tend to over use our eyes and expose them too much to screens of our mobile phones, TVs, and laptops. This in turn forms bags under our eyes and forms prominent dark circles which aren’t helpful to enhance our party look. Inveda’s Under Eye Cream with Ashwagandha and Gotukola refreshes tired and puffy eyes and helps the dark circles and fine lines vanish to make your skin better and be more party-ready.

4. Work in Progress: Your skin is always going through a lot with you and you should treat like a work in progress and be very careful about it. Apart from regular upkeep, working on your skin is very important. For this, one should maintain their skin by regularly washing your face and maintaining schedule for facials. We recommend natural ingredients’ mix by Inveda, ‘Passion Fruit & Silk Protein Facial Kit with Vitamin C which helps rejuvenate the skin and reduce dryness and dullness.

5. Repair your hair: With the styling and constant pollution, and it being almost impossible to find a schedule to replenish hair, we deteriorate our hair quality. Inveda Apple Cider Vinegar & Coconut Extra Shine Conditioner helps your hair repair by working on the strength and texture of your hair and making them soft, silky and shiny. They give a balance to your hair like no other conditioner and help you set a good volume and an appropriate hairstyle while helping you retain only the essential oils in your scalp. This makes your hair naturally fluffy, beautiful, and strong while also keeping them healthy.

With an array of products available at Inveda, you get to see for yourself the change in your skin. The glow from a tiring office day can change into a refreshing look in all of a few minutes with Inveda’s range of products being applied. Each event is a new chance to let your skin be its best self so stay hydrated and take care of your skin with products made of natural ingredients.