Scars, freckles or dark spots are the biggest obstruction in the beauty of your skin. There are a number of reasons for getting scars, freckles and dark spots on your skin. In order to give you a flawless and clear skin, a number of beauty care products are there. The most famous ingredient in the skin lightening and hyperpigmentation treatment products is hydroquinone. Although, it is effective in lightening the skin but has some serious side effects including irritation on the skin.  Thus, the worry about the side effects of hydroquinone has led to the inclination towards the natural skin lightening products.

List of the skin lighteners used as an alternative to Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is a chemical brightening agent which is capable of blocking melanin production in the skin. However, it found in the research that many long term users of Hydroquinone were at risk for developing ochronosis. Safety concerns have limited the use of hydroquinone is the skin care product. Here is a list of best 9 natural skin lightening ingredients which are the alternatives to hydroquinone.

1. Bearberry Extract (Arbutin)

It is sometimes known as Natural Hydroquinone.  It has the structure similar to that of hydroquinone but is extracted from the leaves of bearberry. It naturally slows down the production of Melanin in the skin by interfering the maturation of melanosomes.

2. Azelaic Acid

This acid is helpful in protecting the skin from free radical damage. It is the best option for those who are looking for the lighter skin tone without acne. This yeast derived treatment is helpful

3. Kojic Acid

This acid is produced by bacteria in the fermentation of rice. Kojic acid binds tyrosinase which prevent it from production of melanin. It penetrated into the upper layer of the skin to give the lightening effect.

4. Niacinamide

Niacinamide offers a number of benefits on the skin including improving the uneven skin tone, reduction in the appearance of fine lines, reversing dullness, treating hyperpigmentation and smoothening the skin surface. It boosts ceramide production.

5. Vitamin C

It is the cheaper and the most effective skin care ingredient that is available in many skin care product. It has rich anti-oxidant properties and does not contain the free radicals.

6. Malic Acid

Malic Acid is extracted from Apple and many other fruits and vegetables. It is highly beneficial for those who are looking for anti-aging, skin brightening and exfoliating benefits on skin.

7. Licorice extracts

It contains Gabridin which is a tyrosinase inhibitor. This stops the production of melanin in the skin and prevent skin darkening.  It is the 100% natural alternative to Hydroquinone. After applying Licorice extract, avoid exposure to sunlight.

8. Soy Proteins

Soy proteins are extracted from Soybeans. It releases the skin lightening agent called soybean trypsin inhibitor. It interferes with the transfer of pigment from the melanin-producing cells to the skin to make the skin brighter and lighten.

9. Mulberry extracts

Mulberry has many skin benefits including preventing of heart diseases, diabetes and cholesterol. Along with these, it also helps in skin lightening by naturally inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase. This enzyme triggers the production of melanin in skin.