We know vacations are definitely on your mind and you totally deserve it, after all the hardwork you have done in your office. You would have made a checklist for all the places you wish to visit. With the level of excitement being so high, you often tend to overlook your skincare. Your tender skin should be your first consideration when your skin whenever you are deciding what to pack for that exotic vacation. This “Vacation Season”, Inveda suggests you a range of products that will keep your skin clear and hydrated whenever you’re on the go. What’s the best part? All these products are skin friendly and will firmly glide on your skin, giving you the results you aspire.

Anti Toxin Active Charcoal Cleanser

Activated Charcoal can be an incredible part of your travel skin care routine. Inveda’s Charcoal Cleanser will help balance out your complexion, leaving your skin feeling smoother. The oil and dirt that gets stuck in your pores due to intense travelling will stick to Inveda’s Charcoal Cleanser when washed away with water, leaving you with a fresher-feeling complexion.

Skin Firming Body Wash | Black Currant

Rich in fatty acids, Inveda’s Black Currant Body Wash keeps the skin hydrated and firm. It has anti-inflammatory properties to help with healing and repairing damaged skin cells. Black Currant body wash removes sweat & odour which is basic effect of travelling leaving  skin fresh & breathing.

Anti Toxin Active Charcoal Shampoo | Best Sun and Pollution Expert

Like your tender skin your sensitive hair need exfoliation too as they are exposed to external aggressors whenever you are travelling. Inveda Anti-Toxin Active Charcoal Shampoo’s unique detoxification formula protects the scalp from hair crumpling, scalp itchiness & scalp redness resulting in silky, light & shiny hair.

Sunscreen Cream Gel SPF 30 | Gotukula And Cucumber

Inveda’s Sunscreen Cream Gel SPF 30 which spreads effortlessly on your skin and gives your skin an ultra-matte finish.  Enriched with Gotukula and Cucumber, it protects the skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays of the skin. Gotukula helps to heal wound and burns whereas Cucumber soothes the skin.

Hydrating Body Butter Cream | Vanilla and Almond

Vacation and travelling leave your skin un-moisturised and we just have the right cure for the same. Enriched with Vanilla and Almond Extracts, Inveda’s body butter cream has an excellent hydrating properties which increases skin elasticity. The antioxidants in butter helps in regeneration of cells.

Let us assure you, these products won’t cover a lot of space in your travel bag. Your skin won’t become a hindrance in your way of enjoying your favourite vacation. Let your healthy skin glow shine through.